Friday, September 02, 2005

Up top 40 times faster than standard internet.......bah!

This sucks man! A week now since I ordered and still no Internet. I was fine before I ordered but I'm very much a 'gimme it now!' person once I've placed an order for something! BT are testing the line apparently, and this appears to require a week to do. What's the problem guy?! Look out your window, say 'yup, there it is!', flip the big red broadband switch and presto! Matt can get on with inflicting irreparable damage to his social life by spending every waking moment pissing about online gaming.

OK, every weekday moment. Boys gotta drink.

So every day I get home to check if my goodies have arrived and every day is another disappointment, life is harsh it really is! lol!

On to more serious things that have been bothering me.

The world is going to shit. America has been hit by a big ass storm, thousands are dispossessed, people are dead or dying and how do some people react? By shooting at rescue choppers, extorting their fellow sufferers and commiting horrific acts on people inside the one 'safe' place in Louisianna. I don't get it, this is civilisation right? We're told that we in the West are the great and the good. So why is that the second some hardship is encountered these pituary retards with no more right to live on this green Earth than a fucking cockroach immediately turn on each other? I know it's a minority and for the most part the people of Louisianna are coping as best they can but it gets to me anyway.

Be thankful, that was just the summary. You have no idea the vitriol I am capable of when it comes to things like this, don't even get me started on the slave traders during the Tsunami thing.

Cheerier thoughts, soon I will have the internet and will no longer be cut off from my friends in Hull and back home and I'm off out tomorrow night for Robs birthday, where I'll probably get drunk and try to get every single girl I see to go out with him until he turns a suitable shade of purple.

What can I say? I'm a generous and helpful soul.


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Mike said...

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