Friday, September 23, 2005

Saturday Problems

Sam is busy tomorrow. The bloody cheek of it! Apparently she has 'other friends'. Well that's just fine Miss Root! I am going to phone your mother and tell her that you've snubbed me, leaving me cold and alone in Fetcham with nothing but a handful of curry houses within spitting distance and next door to a shop with a special offer on Stella................... hang on.

So it's all good though because next week is filling up nicely and it's pay day on Tuesday woohoo! Haven't seen the Midget of Raynes Park in ages so hopefully we'll meet up sometime in the week and she has expressed and interest in Nim's birthday too. So i guess I can forgive her.

I've known her pretty much since she was born so we've been friends for ages and despite the overpowering body odour she excretes and mad staring eyes, she's quite a sweet girl. Surprisingly she hasn't married a fat chemist called Keith as we all predicted she would, instead opting for an outwardly normal boyfriend called Niall. I'm sure there is some dark and weird secret about him that explains his bizarre choice of girlfriend, or maybe he is just masochistic.

So a big hello to my diminuitive friend. The Pygmy of south London and ruler of all she surveys. Which isn't very much because she can barely peer over her turn ups.

Welcome to my Blog Sam! ;-)

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MattJ said...

Ok Sam, did post a comment, but she clicked the little 'email to a friend' link instead of the 'Post a comment one'. Bless. So this is the email I got which she thought was a comment:

"well thank you for that fine tribute matt, i have a tear in my eye because of
the thoughtfulness of it. gee you really 'bigged me up' to your friends didnt
you! i just wanted to say again thank you, from your odouress friend ;o)"

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