Friday, September 16, 2005

And the survey says!:

It was kind of a variation on number 9. She was getting ready to go out. So, yeah, she called back. Not entirely sure what happened after that. I got kind of confused after the initial 'Hi how are you?'s . It's all good though, because my natural ineptitude wasn't in full swing and I did remember to ask her to go for 'a drink or something'. Smooth eh?

Gimme a break. I was caught kind of off guard, her cunning tactic of not telling me to get lost threw me completely off my groove, couple this with the shock of the call back and I wasn't on the most eloquent of form. The important thing here is that she said yes and I will be calling her next week to arrange to go out somehwere and do something.

Now the more Studly among you may consider this arrangement a bit vague, but, frankly 'You can go to Hell! You go to Hell and you Die!'. Ahem. OK, so there is the update. All hail Emi and the Rah for shouting at me and not letting me wait before calling.

Oh, don't expect too much more on this by the way. I think blogging about a virtual stranger is OK, and blogging about people you've known for a while is OK but should anything at all come of this thing, documenting how things are going is just weird!. So I might say stuff like, things are going well or not so well or whatever but vagueness will be the order of the day. Of course, it may be that i've agreed to go out on a massive night out as a friend in which case there will be nothing to tell anyway. But if there is, all you're getting is 'It's going well' or 'Going not so well'.

Bloody freaks, coming round here expecting to see the details of my personal life!

One for Leigh : 'You ought to be ashamed of yourself............ you'll go blind!'

OK, also - Andrews Birthday today (yesterday). He's 25 now, getting over the hill. His cantankerousness is coming on a treat and soon he'll be as bitter as me! So happy birthday to him.

Anyway, this has been a right ramble because I am knackered. Sorry. Promise more entertaining posts soon.

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