Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Look at this

Just went to check out one of my old lecturers blogs (he has many), and recommend it to all. So check out The Crazy World of Rob Miles. He was a very entertaining lecturer with some of the worlds most painful jokes. You know the type, the ones where you can see the punchlines coming with the dread inevitibility of the light of a Freight Train heading down a tunnel.

Still haven't phoned the Girl. May do so tomorrow, worried about infecting her with my deadly disease. Also I want a fighting chance and sniffling and coughing is not a way to WoW a girl now is it?

Watch this space for weekend stuff, I want to gather the photos before I post on it.

I left work a few hours early today thanks to Andrew. All Man Flu stuff aside, I was pretty rough and it was a bit pointless me being there. Hopefully will be better tomorrow, sure it's just fatigue more than anything so decent night sleep will kick this rather irritating infection out the door.

Ok, I'm gonna go. Will phone the Girl tomorrow. Probably.

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