Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Big Smelly Cults

Hannah showed me this story yesterday.

I can understand the confusion really. Most major religions go for the 'Magic Man Done It' methid of explaining everything, whereas those crazy cats at the definitely not a cult Scientology corporation went for the 'Magic Aliens Done It' approach. They are subtley different, but unfortunately the lack of 'Man' in there stops Scientology from being a religion.

It does exhibit many of the traits of a cult, its cultish behaviour and the fact its members act like such cults really does them no favours. As far as cults go it could, by some, be considered to be one of the most vicious, insidious and evil cults the world has ever seen.

Another view could be that its just a pyramid scheme, but not a normal one. Pyramid schemes are aimed at desparate and stupid people. This pyramid scheme is aimed at really, properly stupid people though. They even test you at their centres using a special 'Barely Simian Retard:Bank Account Size' measuring ratio to see how appropriate you are for their special club.

On the other hand, like religions, original thought is frowned upon. Also, like other major religions, the fact that their belief system is based on 'facts' that fail even the most cursory of inspections generates a huge amount of insecurity which in turn results in massive overreactions to criticism and questioning. The huge investment that people put into these ludicrous belief systems makes them terrified of the thought that they've just been taken for a ride and they'll go to great lengths to cling to them.

So is Scientology just a big fat hairy cult populated by culty cultists exhibiting cultish behaviour in their special cult whilst insisting that it definitely isn't a cult?

Well. Yes, of course it is - any moron can see that.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

London Mayor

In keeping with my ability to keep my finger on the pulse of the news, I am going to talk about something that happened last week.

For those of you that don't know, a caricature was recently elected as Mayor of London. We like to think we are pioneers in this country, but whilst Mayor of London is a powerful and influential position we were already out done by the Americans in 2000. They elected a caricature to run the entire country, and that really takes some balls. As is often the case with horseplay, they have taken the joke a little too far, rough housing often results in broken bones, nose bleeds and unstable socio-political situations in large regions of the middle-east.

But we shouldn't be too downhearted, even though Boris won't have the complete scope to wreak the same kind of havoc that George has, his is a unique position and he has the opportunity to carve a niche for himself in world history as London mayor. Boris started his build up to the office of mayor a few years ago by periodically offending regions in the UK, this is a preamble to ostracising whole countries with Prince Phillip style 'quips'. Once he's stopped those pesky foreigners coming into London, he can get rid of the working classes and bring London back tot he days of Society where it belongs.

OK, I had a whole load of other things to write but luckily for you, I have to go do some work! Bottom line is this - I really can't wait to see Boris in action, Londoners really deserve everything they get if this is what they are going to do with their vote.

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