Friday, April 27, 2007

Kindergarten Hops

I'm sorry, I know, even as puns go this one is lame. When I care I'll be sure and let you know.

A story that the BBC are running today
is talking about underage drinking, one of our national sports. Now I know there are serious issues here about alcopops and the like and a whole host of other issues.

To be honest though, my blog is becoming a bit dull so I'd rather take the piss if it's all the same to you? The sentence that made me laugh in this story was this:

"t is currently illegal to give an alcoholic drink to a child under five except under medical supervision in an emergency."

What kind of emergency?! At what point are you going to be in a public place, with a small child collapsed on the floor, surrounded by paramedics with one shouting 'Is there a Bartender in the house?! This boy needs a flaming Sambuca STAT!'?

And what constitutes an emergency? What if the child is particularly privileged and he is eating Stilton, surely he has to wash it down with a half decent Port?

I am desperately avoiding the issue here because the whiners in this particular tale have completely missed the point, there are far wider issues affecting children than whether they are given a glass or beer with a meal. Even from a laymen's perspective, the areas where kids are most likely to comem under the umbrella of 'Alcohol abuse' will be the same areas that have massive teen pregnancy (not massive teenagers who are pregnant....though I guess some are.....) and high levels of drug abuse. Fining parents is not going to solve anything, how about fining the people responsible for the Socio-Economic state of those areas? Some might suggest there is some link between behaviour and environment.

Ok, so much for the avoiding the issue.... back to the fun! OK, next time I promise - nothing but bollox!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Little Secrets

Very little in fact. Tiny little secret. Specifically my little friend Sam told me a little secret that I had to keep until today. Little in size, not in magnitude - huge secret about a very little thing.


Anyway, this isn't something I would normally get excited about but Sam is about the closest thing I have to a sister, and she RAWWWWWKS! As do her whole family (who are basically mine and vice versa). This means I am allowed to abandon my usual curmudgeonyness and be happy. Also because i know Sam and Niall will be awesoem parents, not the rubbish ones that appear to dot our land!

Anyway so congratulations to Sam and Niall and also on their upcoming houseness!

Sam is the tiny one on the right. It's a funny perspective trick, she had to stand really close to the camera while Niall stood 20 feet behind her. Bless her tiny tiny cotton socks.

2007 WIllpower Useage

I used it all yesterday and I'm feeling pretty good about it to be honest. I had the results of my performance review yesterday, they were good but not as good as I would have liked. Normally I am quite self-critical but I know I did enough over 2006 to at least be considered for a better rating, and I provided my Staff Manager with enough ammunition to argue my case. Ultimately he couldn't be arsed and tried to blame my colleagues on the project I work on. He then proceeded to reveal how he had sabotaged my training requirements, again because rather than argue the business case I had laid out for him to get me on a useful accredited course, he booked me onto some bollox internal crap that will make me want to kill the trainer. Now to get the course I want I have to promise to extend another year on the project I am currently on, which limits my options for another year.

I was quite mad yesterday, not because of the rating so much because it was still quite good, but because they guy who is supposed to help me with my career has revealed himself to be a useless, lying gobshite. I suspected as much last year, but I had only been here 6 months so worked on all the things he told me to work on. Anyway, I digress.

Normally when I'm annoyed I would go for a drink andor buy something shiny or clothes or something else 'permanent' and new - along with a take away. I went into town at lunchtime yesterday, after successfully not stabbing my SM in the face with a biro (score for me!). While there went into a clothes store and picked up several shirts and a pair of jeans. Then I remembered my plans, and was not going to let The Man knock me off track! I also avoided buying a couple bottles of Pinot at Sainsbury's, a Subway, a DVD and a new computer game.

I did end up spending some money, but that was for Save the Children so it's allowed. Ultimately, I felt a lot better having defeated The Man's attempts to make me break my previous day's commitments. I know that's the true reason behind the performance of my SM and the company, they can't fool me!

In other news, I appear to have nothing on this weekend. I don't mean I'll be naked you filthy perverts, merely that I have no plans. If you're lucky there may be progress on the website. It's unlikely but you never know ;)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Moving on.....

On the way back from Wales on Sunday I made some decisions. The main one was that I could really do with a car. It does pain me to say it, but right now getting to and from the places I want to go is worse than pulling teeth - especially given that I usually have to travel back on a Sunday.

I haven't owned a car in over 5 years, I haven't needed one. Most people who tell you they NEED their car are talking out of their arse. Cars are a convenience for almost everyone who owns one, so don't tell me that you NEED it. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a thing against drivers, I have a thing against whining drivers who lie.

Especially anyone who owns anything 4*4 who lives in a town. You are an idiot and have no right to any opinions, especially where cars are concerned. I'm serious, shut up - I don't care how steep your drive is go and buy a car or a people carrier you inconsiderate arsewipe.

Incidentally, has anyone noticed how the bigger the car/Chelsea tractor outside a school, the smaller the insignificant nymph that is spat forth from it?

Anyway, I digress. Travelling back on a Sunday is generally like pulling teeth. I am also seeing a lot less of people that I want to see, mainly due to the fact that it costs the best part of £100 before I even arrive. Then I'm at the mercy of timetables, and a variety of interesting reasons for trains not running. I don't need a car, but I do want one.

There are other reasons that will make it convenient - if I move jobs or locations then having something of my own to transport things makes it easier. Equally for work travel etc. It would be a convenience and it would mean I could see all the people I've seen over recent weeks more often, as well as people like Emi who I haven't seen in an absolute age.

OK, so that was quite dull, but I got to ditch this stuff before fun and laughter can resume!

So - I have devised various cunning methods in order to gain the necessary monies for said vehicle, all of them revolving around not actually spending everything I earn. It'll be tough but I have some money saving initiatives:

1) Stop writing off a portion of my wages for XBox360/gadget related expenses.

2) Stop drinking when in the pub - This doesn't mean I give up alcohol, simply giving up alcohol when going for a 'casual drink'. I live in Surrey, this is a minimum of 20 pounds a time because apparently they brew everything in Platinum vats. I am not going to tell you how much money I worked out I spend on 'going for a pint' every week. It's shocking.

3)Eat food before it returns to life and makes a bid for freedom. Like a lot of people, a lot of food I buy ends up thrown away. I must return to studentdom and plan my food buyingness ratehr than shop hungry like I always do!

This coupled with other things will ensure I get a half decent car, I have picked one of the uglier French cars as my probable targets, but basically something about the size of a Focus.


This is going on a bit, sorry - nearly done.

I nearly fell over at the first hurdle. I love my camera but it's too big to take out to the pub and stuff with me, or just to carry around. It's one of those you go somewhere to use, rather than use when you end up somewhere. So I decided I need a compact one but cunningly my phone contract is up for renewal which gives me a free upgrade. So I am going to use my proper phone for phone-ness, then if I go out I will use a new camera-esque phone (like Sony Ericsson) for pubbing etc. this completely contradicst something I wrote on Julie's blog earlier but it's not the same thing damnit! (IT'S NOT!). This isn't going to be a camera-phone. It will be a camera with a ring tone.

Piss off, I'm British - we make a career out of hypocrisy.

One, some or all of the above?....

I have been lame I know, but I been so busy! And not busy too...

Anyway, I've been fairly active and stuff has happened, however I don't want to write a big long essay right away so what i have decided to do is list the things I've been up to of late and you can decide which you want to hear about and in what order! I am a genius - do you see what I did there? I will also be providing you with an up to date post too though so don't worry, I will still ramble a little ;)

OK so when did I loast post?......Oh Ok. Errr OK.

Right so I left you with my so far non-existant website. The week after that was mental busy at work, and basically that is all I did until the weekend:-

Friday 30th -> Monday 2nd April - One of my best friends from home Mike came to visit - He had to leave his Harris Hawk alone for a few days, which was risky cos last time he did that it decided that Slug was it's new primary food source and made himself quite poorly.

Easter Weekend - thursday met up with Rich Brewood, one of my old housemates who I hadn't seen in nearly 2 years - me, him and his sister ate at an excellent thai restaurant on Good Friday then went to watch Richard Herring do stand up at the Arts Theatre in London - it was awesome.

Last Weekend - Got a lift home to Wales, saw lots of family and friends, watched Mike's band play, got a riode in Jonny Shaw's new Lotus Elise - which was amazing because Jon is one of these people who women throw themselves at so it was good he fit me into his 'making women's clothes fall off' schedule. It was good to see him and Pedr again.

OK so if you're interested in any, all or none of that vote now and I will elaborate over the coming days! Otherwise we'll move on lol!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Correspondance from beyond the grave.....

OK, so the site wasn't quite as easy to play with as I'd thought. It would have had abasic structure if I didn't spend ages trying to work out how to get into the blog engine. As it is I may need to look elsewhere for things to hack. If I get out of work before 8, I promise I'll post this everning!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Checking the Pulse

I'm still here I promise! I have quite a few updates but I am going to see if I can get the new blog up and running today, if I can I'll put stuff there - if not watch this space lol!

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