Tuesday, April 17, 2007

One, some or all of the above?....

I have been lame I know, but I been so busy! And not busy too...

Anyway, I've been fairly active and stuff has happened, however I don't want to write a big long essay right away so what i have decided to do is list the things I've been up to of late and you can decide which you want to hear about and in what order! I am a genius - do you see what I did there? I will also be providing you with an up to date post too though so don't worry, I will still ramble a little ;)

OK so when did I loast post?......Oh Ok. Errr OK.

Right so I left you with my so far non-existant website. The week after that was mental busy at work, and basically that is all I did until the weekend:-

Friday 30th -> Monday 2nd April - One of my best friends from home Mike came to visit - He had to leave his Harris Hawk alone for a few days, which was risky cos last time he did that it decided that Slug was it's new primary food source and made himself quite poorly.

Easter Weekend - thursday met up with Rich Brewood, one of my old housemates who I hadn't seen in nearly 2 years - me, him and his sister ate at an excellent thai restaurant on Good Friday then went to watch Richard Herring do stand up at the Arts Theatre in London - it was awesome.

Last Weekend - Got a lift home to Wales, saw lots of family and friends, watched Mike's band play, got a riode in Jonny Shaw's new Lotus Elise - which was amazing because Jon is one of these people who women throw themselves at so it was good he fit me into his 'making women's clothes fall off' schedule. It was good to see him and Pedr again.

OK so if you're interested in any, all or none of that vote now and I will elaborate over the coming days! Otherwise we'll move on lol!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back... ;-)

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