Thursday, April 19, 2007

Little Secrets

Very little in fact. Tiny little secret. Specifically my little friend Sam told me a little secret that I had to keep until today. Little in size, not in magnitude - huge secret about a very little thing.


Anyway, this isn't something I would normally get excited about but Sam is about the closest thing I have to a sister, and she RAWWWWWKS! As do her whole family (who are basically mine and vice versa). This means I am allowed to abandon my usual curmudgeonyness and be happy. Also because i know Sam and Niall will be awesoem parents, not the rubbish ones that appear to dot our land!

Anyway so congratulations to Sam and Niall and also on their upcoming houseness!

Sam is the tiny one on the right. It's a funny perspective trick, she had to stand really close to the camera while Niall stood 20 feet behind her. Bless her tiny tiny cotton socks.


Olivia said...

Hey, short girl, tall guy - and she wasn't teased out of it. Congrats to them on the little bean.

lunaliar said...

Buns in the ovens everywhere!!! Is it me or is just about everyone getting preggers?

Congrats to them, though! They are a handsome pair! Good-looking parents=hella cute baby!

Olivia said...

Luna - I'm not.

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