Thursday, April 19, 2007

2007 WIllpower Useage

I used it all yesterday and I'm feeling pretty good about it to be honest. I had the results of my performance review yesterday, they were good but not as good as I would have liked. Normally I am quite self-critical but I know I did enough over 2006 to at least be considered for a better rating, and I provided my Staff Manager with enough ammunition to argue my case. Ultimately he couldn't be arsed and tried to blame my colleagues on the project I work on. He then proceeded to reveal how he had sabotaged my training requirements, again because rather than argue the business case I had laid out for him to get me on a useful accredited course, he booked me onto some bollox internal crap that will make me want to kill the trainer. Now to get the course I want I have to promise to extend another year on the project I am currently on, which limits my options for another year.

I was quite mad yesterday, not because of the rating so much because it was still quite good, but because they guy who is supposed to help me with my career has revealed himself to be a useless, lying gobshite. I suspected as much last year, but I had only been here 6 months so worked on all the things he told me to work on. Anyway, I digress.

Normally when I'm annoyed I would go for a drink andor buy something shiny or clothes or something else 'permanent' and new - along with a take away. I went into town at lunchtime yesterday, after successfully not stabbing my SM in the face with a biro (score for me!). While there went into a clothes store and picked up several shirts and a pair of jeans. Then I remembered my plans, and was not going to let The Man knock me off track! I also avoided buying a couple bottles of Pinot at Sainsbury's, a Subway, a DVD and a new computer game.

I did end up spending some money, but that was for Save the Children so it's allowed. Ultimately, I felt a lot better having defeated The Man's attempts to make me break my previous day's commitments. I know that's the true reason behind the performance of my SM and the company, they can't fool me!

In other news, I appear to have nothing on this weekend. I don't mean I'll be naked you filthy perverts, merely that I have no plans. If you're lucky there may be progress on the website. It's unlikely but you never know ;)

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Olivia said...

Wahey! No buying, well done. Also for not biro stabbing him.

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