Friday, April 27, 2007

Kindergarten Hops

I'm sorry, I know, even as puns go this one is lame. When I care I'll be sure and let you know.

A story that the BBC are running today
is talking about underage drinking, one of our national sports. Now I know there are serious issues here about alcopops and the like and a whole host of other issues.

To be honest though, my blog is becoming a bit dull so I'd rather take the piss if it's all the same to you? The sentence that made me laugh in this story was this:

"t is currently illegal to give an alcoholic drink to a child under five except under medical supervision in an emergency."

What kind of emergency?! At what point are you going to be in a public place, with a small child collapsed on the floor, surrounded by paramedics with one shouting 'Is there a Bartender in the house?! This boy needs a flaming Sambuca STAT!'?

And what constitutes an emergency? What if the child is particularly privileged and he is eating Stilton, surely he has to wash it down with a half decent Port?

I am desperately avoiding the issue here because the whiners in this particular tale have completely missed the point, there are far wider issues affecting children than whether they are given a glass or beer with a meal. Even from a laymen's perspective, the areas where kids are most likely to comem under the umbrella of 'Alcohol abuse' will be the same areas that have massive teen pregnancy (not massive teenagers who are pregnant....though I guess some are.....) and high levels of drug abuse. Fining parents is not going to solve anything, how about fining the people responsible for the Socio-Economic state of those areas? Some might suggest there is some link between behaviour and environment.

Ok, so much for the avoiding the issue.... back to the fun! OK, next time I promise - nothing but bollox!


Julie_Gong said...

flaming sambuca... interesting

MattJ said...


Flaming Sambuca is the Don!

3 Methods:

easy - in a glass, light, extinguish, down it.

Medium - in a glass, light for a little while, extinguish, down it , cover the glass immediately with your hand and then inhale the fumes (ig you snort it you look REALLY classy)

Best - same as above but use sherry glass and drop a coffee bean in there, burn it til the bean starst to carmelise (bout 15-20 secs) then do as above.

Or you could just drink sambuca. ;)

Olivia said...

I don't think giving kids a bit of alcohol is a bad thing. I've been sampling Baileys, sherry with walnuts, Grand Marnier in crepes suzette, and watered down wine at special occasions since I was 5. I don't care for alcohol. As it was never forbidden to me, and never a mystery, it was never somethng I was raring to overindulge in.

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