Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pirates of The Carribean: Dead Man's Chest - Accurate review

I love this website. Please go to Ask A Ninja and find Special Delivery 1, his explanation of what a podcast is. As Nick says 'It's like Strongbad in human form'.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This week, in a Galazy quite, quite close by....

That's right! My pearls of wisdom are stretching across the Galaxy! It's only a matter of time before my Extraterrestrial followers come to this planet to create my Squowtopia!

Monday, July 24, 2006

The End is Nigh....

Or so my DS would have me believe, for today my brain is 59! I mean.......59! It seems like only yesterday I was enjoying the active synapses of a spritely 25 year old...... I remember it well....

Of course the DS Lites back in my day weren't like these new fangled devices you young 'uns use today, they were just pipe dreams back when I were a lad...

OK I have to defend myself here. I did really well on the first two random tests but the third one was a 'memorise as many words as you can from this list then write them on the screen' test. Which would have been fine if the bloody thing could read my Ks or Gs. So basically the ones I had memorised I couldn't write and it wasn't until I had 15 seconds left that I noticed a rather nifty auto correct function it has. Ho Hum.

'Course Stuart could be right and the machines could be taking over?

Anyway, me and Nick have been accessorising today. All the cool gear comes from overseas so have a fairly nice looking case coming, a Docking bay and - best of all - a thing that plugs into the Game Boy Advance slot. This will allow me to put movie files onto an SD card and watch stuff on the Lite.

Many people enter a 'Ooooooh! New Toy!' few days after buying stuff, luckily I am not affected by this phenomenon

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Mind of a 25 Year Old..

But the willpower of a 3 year old child with ADD that has been left alone in Mr Fun's 'Chocolate, Sweet, Large Cuddly Toy and Ball Pool' Emporium.

So we've now been to the following stores in the search for PC Surround sound speakers:

  1. Currys

  2. Argos (3 times, 2 locations)

  3. Gamestation

  4. Local Computer Shop 1

  5. Local Computer Shop 2

We didn't try Lisa's Haberdashery in the end.

While on our travels Nick has been taking more and more of an interest in the advertisements for Nintendo DS Lite which were in most of the stores we've been hanging round in. Like me, Nick is of the opinion that the DS is better than the PSP for many reasons. Chief among these is that it looks cooler and you can play Mario and that cool Brain Training game.

Yes the PSP can play movies, games with great graphics, music, blah blah blah! I don't care, I have a computer and an iPod. I want something light and fun.

You can see where this is going can't you?

So we get back to Leatherhead, I am goading Nick into buying a DS after I pick up my speakers. We go back to Currys so he can have a look at one. At some point in the proceedings we start talking about all the fantastic things you can do with the wireless communication on the DS. It really is very cool.

So he's justified to himself that he can buy one. Now before I continue I should point out that unseen forces, probably originating in Lisa's Haberdashery, have been conspiring to crush my will all weekend. Now whether these powers are for good or ill we don't know, all that is important to remember here is that things are now out of my control.

Anyway at some point I did mention that I had been toying with the idea of owning a DS for a while but 'I never buy things like that'. Then we connected them up wirelessly. In like 2 seconds. I mean it was that quick. Then I checked out the 'Download play' thingy, where only one person has to have the game and everyone else can just download enough data to play against you. As I said earlier - it's very cool.

OK, so the short version is that both Nick and I now own a DS. Normally I would feel bad or guilty over wasting my cash on somehting so frivolous. Not today baby. This is possibly the coolest looking thing I own! I got a white one (scratches and smudeges don't show up so much) and so did Nick. We also got the 'How Old is Your Brain?' game. It's really fun, giving puzzles to give your brain a workout. Though I should point out that I think they cheat on the initial test. The only give you one test - the Stroop test. This determined that my brain was 46 and Nick's was 44. However I tested again the next day (only lets you do it once a day) and got down to 25 (20 is the ideal brain age) - but this time they use 3 tests so I think they do the first one to encourage you to start improving on the training.

Anyway, I digress. It's awesome in every way* and precisely the kind of thing I want for train journeys, games that are highly addicitive but that can be put down easily. I don't care what you say - it rocks!

[Edit]Due to a preponderance of the word 'Cool' (or variations thereof) in this post, I have decided to edit, but I couldn't do it without saying anything or Famulus may complain again! So, his reply shouldn't be taken out of context. Even if he is wrong. hehe[/Edit]

*Except for the fact you have to turn it off and on again after every change in operation. No biggy as it only takes about 2 seconds to boot up.

Do Lifts get tea breaks?

So you'll remember that I left the saga at the cancelled dinner plans stage? With Nick coming over to look at my shiny new monitor and jab my PC until it did things it was meant to do.

The Monitor arrived fine, I set it up merrily and downloaded a funky new Windows Theme to celebrate my new sharp pictureness. Nick came round and I installed Prey to see how the Monitor performed*. So I stick the disk in and install it, boot it up and........

All works fine, except that my speakers are barely audible. They have always been a bit tempermental, the sub woofer often needs a firm and sharp application of technical pressure from a pedal extremity. This usually rectifies my audio issues but sadly, this time it was not to be. They are 5 years old and a fairly cheap set of 5.1 speakers so I didn't begrudge having to replace them, little did I know that this was just the first step in some grander design of an unseen force.....

Nick was more than amenable to a trip to Leatherhead, so we checked a few prices online and figure we should be able to get a half decent set of 5.1's for around forty quid. We went to Leatherhead, checked Dixons (now - they only had 2.1s in. Checked the 2 computer shops - only one of them had 5.1's in and they were overpriced and didn't look nearly as cool as the Logitech ones we'd seen cheaper on their website. They didn't have those ones sadly. So we went to Argos, flicked throught the catalogue to discover that the only suitable ones were around 60 quid.

'Piss!'. I said, philisophically.
'We could go to Epsom, there are loads of shops there - they're bound to have loads of stuff. We'll still be within 20 minutes of a computer too. Well.......... ish' Replied my helpful companion.

So we went to Epsom. We parked in the Ashley Centre. The Ashley Centre in Epsom is notable in a variety of ways, allow me to educate you:

Things to Know About the Ashley Centre in Epsom:

  1. There are no stairs down from the car park into this shopping centre.

  2. Apparently it's a Mall, not a shopping centre. Somewhere there is someone who is paid far too much money who knows what the difference is**.

  3. It has many, many mobile phone retailers under its roof. And a place that sells frozen gourmet food. And various clothes shops.

  4. Electrical and/or Computer related stores are conspicuous in their absence.

  5. John Major could write a book called 'Variable Rate Mortgages in Pre-Wilson Britain' and it would have more marketing 'fizz' than the name of this place. I mean, come on. The Ashley Centre - sounds like a Young Offenders Institute.

  6. The Lifts were designed by the same team that designed Limbo, only this time they got it right.

So. The Lifts. We parked up, got out of the car and went into the Ashley Centre. We were on the 4th floor and upon entering the structure we saw a small group of confused looking people stood in the middle of the floor surrounded by closed Lift doors. The little red down arrow was lit, so it was only a matter of time before our carriage arrived! Unfortunately I hadn't quite counted on the fact the the Lifts appeared to need to get their breath back after each descent. I saw one disappear down the shaft, never to be seen again. What made this odd situation worse is that there were no stairs. The people who built this place were actively preventing me from getting to their shops. I know I'm no business man, but trapping your customers outside your retail area doesn't strike me as a recipe for financial success. Couple this with the Beige name of the place and you start to wonder if the words 'Barely Simian' may have appeared on some people's performance reviews.

We eventually made it into the place, to discover point number 4. So we went down the High Street to discover that point 4 stretches to the entire of Epsom. They had a Haberdashery - whatever the fuck that is - apparently owned by Lisa (I deduced this from the imaginative name of the store). They even had a Tailor who specialises in Sports Wear. No computer stores though. Anywhere. In frustration we decided I should get the slightly expensive ones in Argos, at least they wouldn't be a rip off and I would have some cool speakers that would now match my PC (the old ones were beige).

To re-cap. We went to a much larger town - with alleged good shopping facilities to try and find what we were looking for. We then went to their Argos.

They told us the only place that had any was Leatherhead.

*As a side Note - the game isn't bad at all for a first person shooter, quite pretty amd they've done some very clever things with Gravity. But if you're an XBox 360 person i wouldn't spend that kind of cash on it, with the 20 odd quid on PC though. Multiplayer sucks ass.

**It's equally likely that same person has applied multiple times to every season of Big Brother. Possibly in multiple countries, provided that knowledge of the existence of other countries hasn't been entirely replaced by the Lore of Shopping Complexes.

***Thought I would throw in another variation.

Saturday Variables

I feel this is going to be a long post as I would like to take you through my Saturday - What Was Meant to Be, What Actually Was and Finally - Logical Justification. With that in mind I am going to split it up into several posts so that people don't get bored and try and hang themselves with their own tongues. I know - I'm all heart.

In the Beginning There was The Plan.....

So here is the original plan or the weekend:

Saturday -

1) - Shiny new 19" LCD Monitor arrives. Finish Cleaning room in flat, install shiny new monitor. Take old 19" CRT Monitor, which is so big it has it's own gravity, and transfer to front room for future disposal (any suggestions?).

2) - Go to Cobham Tesco to get some Red Mullet and some other bits and bobs for meal I am cooking in teh Evening.

3) April comes over, eats scrummy food - few drinkies, kick back and relax.


1) Get up really early, head to Mark and Helen's place in Guildford, there to meet up with other people including Hannah and Rob.

2) Head to West Wittering beach for day out

3) Back to Mark's for Barbeque.

Sounds wicked eh? So what went wrong?

Firstly April appears to have developed my lurgy from last week. This is a lurgy that seems to attack me regularly so to an extent I am used to it and last weeks mild bout was more of an irritant than anything, it put poor April out of action though! Anyhow, she had to bail on the Saturday thing and likely the Sunday thing too, so this left me with some unexpected free time.

In case any of you are thinking 'Heartless git! Why didn't you go round and nurse her back to health?' - I would have but I couldn't. Originally I was going round there to cook but I am now on the 'Out Of Hours Support' rota at work and was covering Saturday. This means I have to be within 20 minutes of an internet connection at all times, the journey to her house is about an hour and a half so gimme a break OK?

So to recap - Saturday is now me in my Flat, with Nick coming over to sort out a VPN on my PC so I don't have to use the crappy support laptop. And looking at my shiny new Monitor.

No disasters, I can cook for April when she is better again and it gives me more opportunity to sort out the flat, test the monitor on my new game and have a few gentle drinks with Nick while we poke my computer.

This is kind of where things start to happen. Now I should point out here that none of what follows is my fault. I am a blameless and innocent party, battling the terrible and powerful forces that were at work yesterday could very well have torn the fabric of reality, sucking us all into a nameless oblivion (though possibly it could be called Colin) from which we may never have returned. So you see I couldn't resist too much, I did it for you....

Friday, July 21, 2006

People sitting in a house....

Just got sent this quote:

"Some observers have suggested that blogging is nothing more than the next step in a burgeoning culture of narcissism and exhibitionism spurred by reality TV and other elements of the modern media environment"

Now narcissism and exhibitionism are natural tendencys for me, I don't need any encouragement from a bunch of retards sat in a glass house thankyou very much!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Democracy Inaction*

One Man, One Vote. He's the Man and he has the Vote.**

Opinion polls suggest most Americans back the research, which scientists hope will lead to cures for illnesses like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

*Nicked with thanks from John Stewart
**Nicked with Thanks from Terry Pratchett

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Time and Punishment

I got in to work at 5:30am.

While I was aware that there were two 5:30s in a day, until now it has always been in some kind of mythical context. You know, like the Bogeyman or a good Jeffrey Archer novel.

Monday, July 17, 2006

May impair your ability to operate machinery.

I have been a pharmaceutical company's dream consumer this weekend. I developed a lurgy on Thursday/Friday which prevented me from doing any serious partying at Nim's leaving bash and generally left me feeling Blech! all weekend.

I chose to combat this by consuming twice my own body weight in overpriced lemon drinks. I'll also be visiting the doctor this afternoon in the hope of securing powerful delurgification mojo. Normally I would just lame-out of work and wait for the lurgy to go bother someone else, in my experience this makes it go away faster and also stops colleagues from hunting you down and beating you up once you've kindly donated the festering plague to them. Anyway, I am officially in 'Soldiering On in a Curmudgeony Fashion' mode.

Ok so we've established that I have a lurgy and a busy week at work (always time to blog people!). Tomorrow morning I have to be in work by about 5:30 am, please don't ask why - I just do OK? Now I don't sleep so well, at least not before about 2am. For this reason I have taken emergency pharmaceutical measures to ensure I get more than an hour and a half sleep. I got some over the counter 'Sleep Aid'. I assume this is a euphamism for 'Just weak enough to not constitute a prescription'. Anyway, I bought these pills for one night only so to speak in the vain hope of being able to function past 9am.

These pills have caused me some confusion - I remember taking them many years ago when 'trouble sleeping' was an understatement of gargantuan proportions. It was easy, you ate a pill and at some point fell asleep. Now it appears to be different.

Me: Hello, I'd like some Nytol please
Surly Chemist: One a night or two?
Me: Errrrmmm........what?

You have to understand my confusion here, my head is full of lurgy induced fuzz and so my brain didn't quite latch on to the correct implication of the SC's question. What kind of question is that anyway? Does it mean that I take one, sleep for four hours and then wake up? I assume the logic here is that perhaps 4 hours is enough for me and I'd be wasting the day if I didn't get up at 3am and mow the lawn for a bit or make some kind of pavlova, then after suitable. Or maybe it's an opportunity for me to reconsider chemical induced sleep as a viable alternative to a more natural solution. Maybe the pills are so strong that should a call of nature occur I wouldn't be able to wake in time to prevent the inevitable and the two pill solution provides a toilet break?

Who knows. Well, the Chemist as it turns out:

  • Surly Chemist: The one-a-nights are stronger than the two-a-nights

  • Me: *confused look*
    Surly Chemist: Some people find that one of the 2 a night ones is enough.

    *At this point my ability in forming a sentence isn't being impeded by my initial confusion but rather by the severe and repeated Tongue Biting I have had to engage in*

    Me: I'll take the one a night ones please.

    I could go on about this exhange a lot more of course. For instance, what is one to do if you break the 2 a night rule by only taking one pill? Do they send you a bill for the difference due to the one a night packaging apparently constituting a higher price tag. Or do GSK just employ people to sing 'Liar, Liar Pants on Fire' at you when you wake? DO you have to throw the additional pill away or does it end it all in a glass of water due to you separating it from its life partner?

    I chose the one a night set as there didn't appear to be the same set of moral dilemmas or risky consequences from non-adherence to tablet quantity guidelines. One tough, loner pill for me thankyou very much!

    So anyway, I got back to the office and opened up my pharmaceutical swag bag and had a look at the box of sleeping pills. Along side where it says 'Not to be taken if you suffer from: [Insert A-Z of Physical and/or mental conditions]' it says this:

    WARNING: May Cause Drowsiness. If affected do not drive or operate machinery. Avoid drinking alcohol.

    I want to know who that warning is designed for.

    Wednesday, July 12, 2006

    Blog Bashing

    My blog is a bit messy. I am a professional geek and I ought to be ashamed of myself. Hopefully at some point over the weekend I will get the opportunity to familiarise myself properly with this silly pointy bracket language and tidy up a bit. I foresee getting carried away though - watch this space.


    I quite like the standard theme though so don't expect big things!

    Southerner Baiting

    I've decided to do a lifestyle commentary style post. My target for today is the South of England. For those of you of a foreign nature, when referring to The South in England people invariably mean the South East. It really is like a separate little nation down here.

    I moved down here about a year ago from Yorkshire where I spent 4 years living in quite a rough city. I grew up in North Wales and have friends pretty much all over the country right now. The point I am trying to make is that I really have got a fair amount of comparative data.

    OK so lets just list a few indisputable facts about Surrey (where I live and from what I can tell the distilled essence of what it is to live in the home counties) first.:

    1. No one can drive here. I swear they dispense licenses from gumball machines and use the Highway code to prop up wonkey table legs

    2. In Surrey people don't park. They Abandon.

    3. Talking to people you don't know appears to be illegal. This raises severe concerns about the gene pool.

    4. This is where the people that keep the Daily Mail in business live.

    Let me give you an example. I helped an old gent with his shopping up a flight of stairs as he left a train station last week. He had no idea what to say, other than to mention he couldn't remember the last time anything like that happened. In Surrey 'The Kindness of Strangers' appears to be replaced by the 'Irrational Xenophobia'. With the aliens in this case being anyone that isn't immediately recognisable as someone you know or at least has a few quid. Now I would expect, to an extent, an older guy to be left struggling in an inner city like London but the strange thing is that it doesn't happen there - despite a transigent population that appears to think 'Manners' are a hip new rock band and often appear so self absorbed they run the risk of disappearing up their own arseholes - I've seen more random acts of courtesy and kindness the relatively few times I've ventured to London for a day out, than the many, many more times I've been out and about in comparatively small Surrey towns.

    Let me give a comparative example. I'm on the tube in London, it's packed and I am new down here - still don't know how the hell to get places. I'm stood scrutinising the bizzare set of lines and words before me that are masquerading as a readable map. I mumble, often to myself. In this instance it was somehting like 'Where the hell is [insert wherever it was I wanted to go to]'. Now bear in mind I was vaguely directed by someone in Surrey that I needed to get on this train to get to the bit of London i wanted to get to. I assumed that there would be a stop that would be of some use to me. You know, like 'Shoppy bit - get off here - Newbie Street' or 'Here be Bars' or 'Station that gets you out of this hell hole'.

    Apparently not.

    Anyway. Mumbling. I mumbled my eloquent expletive followed by the particular bit I was looking for and some Maiden in Shining Linen yelled from about 6 feet away 'You're on the wrong one love, get off at the next stop - hop on to the southbound train and then change on to the Victoria line at [somewhere or other]'.

    That's not the only instance of a native taking pity on a hapless lemming-like visitors like myself. I've had someone in Camden stop me from going into a pub there because he overheard me say I was dying for a pint of Guinness and so he directed me to another pub where the 'Guinness doesn't taste like arse'. This has never happened in Surrey. Everywhere else I have been I've managed to start a conversation and have a few pints with people in my newly designated 'local'. The first time this happened to me in Leatherhead was about a month ago. In a pub I have been going to for over a year.

    Anyway, that's why I am unwilling to apply the same caustic critique to London. Yes it's a nightmare shopping there and I could never walk into someone without immediately spinning around and apologising. Equally I would never walk headlong into someone then scowl at them as if it was their fault. It could be that I have this idea that if I did so my mother would leap out from hiding and slap me. Maybe it's because I am from a small town unused the the frantic pace of London. Maybe I have manners.

    Look, point I am trying to make is that in other places people talk to each other.

    On the other hand, these things are expected in London and don't seem out of place - as irritating as they are. For this reason, and the random acts of kindness I can't really berate it completely.

    Surrey, however, is like my ex-girlfriend. It doesn't appear to have time for anyone that doesn't pronounce it's Ts properly, despite not doing so itself.

    Monday, July 10, 2006

    Categorsied Fear Mongering

    Matt 'Who Needs Facts When You Have Spin' Jones reporting:

    Hello Friends! Welcome to this special report on this most special of days! Why so special you ask? Well, finally we are catching up with the advanced terror detection techniques of our Transatlantic cousins. That's right, the government is going to be publishing what they feel the current threat of terror is on a given day.
    While it's true that we haven't quite reached the level of technology where we are able to colour code abstract concepts, we have been able to categorise Terror into 7 distinctly vague and non-specific headings. The Americans have promised us their pigmentation technologies in due course but this is certainly a step in the right direction for those of us that dream of an Orwellian future.

    So here follows the 7 categories. I have taken the liberty of explaining each level of Terror for you and given an example of what shape that terror may take alonog with any necessary action. Each increase in Terror level should incorporate all activities in previous levels:

    1. Negligible
    2. - People of Middle Eastern descent exist.
      • Action: Treat them with suspicion and/or hostility. Read the Daily Mail.
      • Manifestation - Suspicious (ie: not white) characters hanging about the place

    3. Low
    4. - People of Middle Eastern descent may live in this country, perhaps in your area. They may engage in activities and/or conversations.
      • Action: In addition to the above, the Daily Express is recommended for keeping up to date on the hundreds of millions of terrorist illegal immigrants that flood our land each day.
      • Manifestation - Suspicious(ie: not white) characters hanging about the place

    5. Moderate
    6. - There may be liberals abroad in your communtity. These subversives fraternise and mask Terror oriented activity.
      • Action: In addition to the above the most important thing to do is not to listen to their lies! They will attempt to prove things using 'Facts' and 'Overwhelming Evidence'. These are tricks of Terror sympathisers. When in doubt listen to our beloved leader reassuring us about how unsafe we are. Anyone you hear spouting lies about tolerance and sensible control should be noted down and handed in at the appropriate time....
      • Manifestation - Inoffensive seeming people being members of the 'Liberal Democrats' Terror sympathisers. Clearly anyone even vaguely Asian who is also a member of this group is to be treated with the highest suspicion.

    7. Substantial
    8. - Violence occurs in the world somewhere.
      • Action: Assume it is carried out by Arabs, become more fearful of people in non-standard Chav or Office wear. Or if they aren't white. Remember to read The Mail - it will reinforce your rightly felt fear of Muslims.
      • Manifestation - An increase in BBC news reports covering violence with their trademark abridgement. There is often no mention of Islamic extremism in stories of violence. Why is this? Who do they really serve?....

      • Additional Action - Become more Suspicious of BBC and Channel 4 News - Recommned SKY News, Fox News Streams and ITV.

    9. Severe general
    10. - Something bad may happen to someboday in the world at somepoint. Probably perpetuated by a Muslim or an Evil Minion of a Muslim. Possibly killer Muslim robots, though this is unconfirmed
      • Action: Only buy White goods made in nice countries like China.
      • Manifestation - Bad things happening to people reported on the news - Lack of Killer Muslim Robot reports - this may or may not be a continuation of a joint media blackout engineered by the Liberal Democrats and the BBC

    11. Severe defined
    12. - As above except that our glorious leader has come forth and spoken to the people.
      • Action: Listen, enraptured. Believe all that eminates from the Holy Visage of Tony. He cannot give you evidence, that would only serve to aid the Muslim Terror perpetuators and their Malicious Mechanised Minions!
      • Manifestation - Our heroic leader will speak to the people, telling them of the vision of Terror he has had. There will be those who use facts and may or may not specialise in the areas He speaks of, but they do not possess the Holy One's insight or vision! Further corruption of the truth by the Liberal Media - reports of Killer Mechanised Muslim Machines of Megalithic Magnitude still conspicuous in their absence.

    13. Critical
    14. - This indicates a real and apocalyptic Muslim attack.
      • Action: Quake in Fear and pray that Tony will deliver us before the Mechanised Gargants constructed in the blackened Muslim Volcanos crush us all beneath their iron shod boots.
      • Manifestation - Muslim Robots powered by the blood of Christian puppies stampede across the world converting all non Muslims and eating white people. No pictures exist as the Muslim run BBC blacks out reports. Tony takes the helm as 'Supreme Defender' and crushes teh BBC for our own protection.

    I hope that helps you all out there. I hope to edit this report some more when I get more updates and time to do it! Stay Safe!

    Friday, July 07, 2006

    Why bolt the gate when you can hang the person who notices it's open?...

    I've been following this case for a few years, and this decisions really has demonstrated the utter spineless nature of the British Government. I think it's about time we dropped the G from GB, it's no longer fitting.

    Now don't get me wrong, the man deserves to be sentenced for his crimes as he did illegally access those computers. What is completely ignored is the manner with which he did it - he didn't hack any code or do any actual damage to the system, he just typed in 'administrator' as the password on random terminals remotely. As the security was so pitifully lax, he gained root access immediately and went about his business snooping.

    The claim is he caused $700,000 of damage to computers. Now, if you cause $5000 or more worth of damage on individual machines through illegal hacking activities apparently the sentence is far more severe. Coincidentally the US military are claiming $5000 worth of damage on each of the machines Gary accessed. Now these weren't especially built military machines, these were just standard office PCs. Go down to Future Shop in the states and find me a 5k computer and I will show you the most powerful gaming machine money can buy, with a 21" TFT Monitor and twin 256 MB SLi cards. It would probably respond to hand signals and make your breakfast for you.

    More importantly it would probably slap you until you stopped being an incompetent retard and changed your password.

    Just to be sure they also played the standard US Government "9/11 card" - you know the one, where they justify anything in the world by cheapening the loss of innocent life to excuse the loss of more innocent life. In this instance Gary allegedly crippled the system immediately after 9/11. Pretty serious know, if they could actually come up with any evidence that there was actually a systems failure let alone whether Gary Mckinnon caused it.

    That's the thing you see. I have no objection at all to criminals being extradited. Gary is a criminal, there is an argument that suggests his crime took place on British soil but in my opinion the crime took place on an American target, so a standard extradition request I think could be jsutified. What I object to is the fact that they want to throw him in jail for the rest of his life and they have yet produce a single grain of evidence to support their wild claims of electronic apocalypse. That alone should be enough for the Home Office to block the extradition until such a time as evidence is produced.

    I think the US Military are right to try and prosecute but instead of inflating the crimes out of all proportion, they should give him the sentence he deserves and sort out their woeful security - which incidentally Gary Mckinnon tried on several occasions to inform them of. Another worrying thing is that lots of other people were on the system with him, and I doubt they were as benign. Now I know we only have Gary's word for this but let's be honest - if he managed to get in with a downloaded script and guess at some passwords, it's going to be likely other people did too.

    If you object to this, just ask yourself this question. If this was China or Russia or some other 'Bad Country', do you really think this extradition would have been granted?

    Anyway, this is kind of the straw of lameness that broke the camel's back. Our government is nothing short of putrid, spineless filth. I can't believe I used to vote for them.

    Wednesday, July 05, 2006

    Something special for the 200th post!

    Greetings people! I haven't been posting for a while, the last major one was a bit serious and frankly I should have taken the piss more with it and left the serious commentary to other people! So here I present to you the Stephen Colbert address to the whitehouse press association dinner. The man has balls of steel! Apparently the press didn't find it funny, perhaps because he was less than kind about the alleged 'integrity' of the Whitehouse press Corps. Anyway, enjoy.

    /* -----------GOOGLE ANALYTICS TRACKING CODE-------------- */ /*------------------END TRACKING CODE-------------------- */