Friday, July 21, 2006

People sitting in a house....

Just got sent this quote:

"Some observers have suggested that blogging is nothing more than the next step in a burgeoning culture of narcissism and exhibitionism spurred by reality TV and other elements of the modern media environment"

Now narcissism and exhibitionism are natural tendencys for me, I don't need any encouragement from a bunch of retards sat in a glass house thankyou very much!


Famulus said...

Did you get that quote from their blog? ;-)

Olivia said...

Humans were designed to discuss and debate in community. This is just a natural extension.

Instead of limiting it to our friends around the dinner table, we can extend it to the blogosphere.

Like the Greeks in the agora and the Romans in the forum. what's new???

MattJ said...

Indeed Olivia. Blogs have become possibly the best and most vibrant Honey Badger appreciation media format the world has ever seen.

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