Sunday, July 23, 2006

Saturday Variables

I feel this is going to be a long post as I would like to take you through my Saturday - What Was Meant to Be, What Actually Was and Finally - Logical Justification. With that in mind I am going to split it up into several posts so that people don't get bored and try and hang themselves with their own tongues. I know - I'm all heart.

In the Beginning There was The Plan.....

So here is the original plan or the weekend:

Saturday -

1) - Shiny new 19" LCD Monitor arrives. Finish Cleaning room in flat, install shiny new monitor. Take old 19" CRT Monitor, which is so big it has it's own gravity, and transfer to front room for future disposal (any suggestions?).

2) - Go to Cobham Tesco to get some Red Mullet and some other bits and bobs for meal I am cooking in teh Evening.

3) April comes over, eats scrummy food - few drinkies, kick back and relax.


1) Get up really early, head to Mark and Helen's place in Guildford, there to meet up with other people including Hannah and Rob.

2) Head to West Wittering beach for day out

3) Back to Mark's for Barbeque.

Sounds wicked eh? So what went wrong?

Firstly April appears to have developed my lurgy from last week. This is a lurgy that seems to attack me regularly so to an extent I am used to it and last weeks mild bout was more of an irritant than anything, it put poor April out of action though! Anyhow, she had to bail on the Saturday thing and likely the Sunday thing too, so this left me with some unexpected free time.

In case any of you are thinking 'Heartless git! Why didn't you go round and nurse her back to health?' - I would have but I couldn't. Originally I was going round there to cook but I am now on the 'Out Of Hours Support' rota at work and was covering Saturday. This means I have to be within 20 minutes of an internet connection at all times, the journey to her house is about an hour and a half so gimme a break OK?

So to recap - Saturday is now me in my Flat, with Nick coming over to sort out a VPN on my PC so I don't have to use the crappy support laptop. And looking at my shiny new Monitor.

No disasters, I can cook for April when she is better again and it gives me more opportunity to sort out the flat, test the monitor on my new game and have a few gentle drinks with Nick while we poke my computer.

This is kind of where things start to happen. Now I should point out here that none of what follows is my fault. I am a blameless and innocent party, battling the terrible and powerful forces that were at work yesterday could very well have torn the fabric of reality, sucking us all into a nameless oblivion (though possibly it could be called Colin) from which we may never have returned. So you see I couldn't resist too much, I did it for you....

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