Monday, July 24, 2006

The End is Nigh....

Or so my DS would have me believe, for today my brain is 59! I mean.......59! It seems like only yesterday I was enjoying the active synapses of a spritely 25 year old...... I remember it well....

Of course the DS Lites back in my day weren't like these new fangled devices you young 'uns use today, they were just pipe dreams back when I were a lad...

OK I have to defend myself here. I did really well on the first two random tests but the third one was a 'memorise as many words as you can from this list then write them on the screen' test. Which would have been fine if the bloody thing could read my Ks or Gs. So basically the ones I had memorised I couldn't write and it wasn't until I had 15 seconds left that I noticed a rather nifty auto correct function it has. Ho Hum.

'Course Stuart could be right and the machines could be taking over?

Anyway, me and Nick have been accessorising today. All the cool gear comes from overseas so have a fairly nice looking case coming, a Docking bay and - best of all - a thing that plugs into the Game Boy Advance slot. This will allow me to put movie files onto an SD card and watch stuff on the Lite.

Many people enter a 'Ooooooh! New Toy!' few days after buying stuff, luckily I am not affected by this phenomenon

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