Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Mind of a 25 Year Old..

But the willpower of a 3 year old child with ADD that has been left alone in Mr Fun's 'Chocolate, Sweet, Large Cuddly Toy and Ball Pool' Emporium.

So we've now been to the following stores in the search for PC Surround sound speakers:

  1. Currys

  2. Argos (3 times, 2 locations)

  3. Gamestation

  4. Local Computer Shop 1

  5. Local Computer Shop 2

We didn't try Lisa's Haberdashery in the end.

While on our travels Nick has been taking more and more of an interest in the advertisements for Nintendo DS Lite which were in most of the stores we've been hanging round in. Like me, Nick is of the opinion that the DS is better than the PSP for many reasons. Chief among these is that it looks cooler and you can play Mario and that cool Brain Training game.

Yes the PSP can play movies, games with great graphics, music, blah blah blah! I don't care, I have a computer and an iPod. I want something light and fun.

You can see where this is going can't you?

So we get back to Leatherhead, I am goading Nick into buying a DS after I pick up my speakers. We go back to Currys so he can have a look at one. At some point in the proceedings we start talking about all the fantastic things you can do with the wireless communication on the DS. It really is very cool.

So he's justified to himself that he can buy one. Now before I continue I should point out that unseen forces, probably originating in Lisa's Haberdashery, have been conspiring to crush my will all weekend. Now whether these powers are for good or ill we don't know, all that is important to remember here is that things are now out of my control.

Anyway at some point I did mention that I had been toying with the idea of owning a DS for a while but 'I never buy things like that'. Then we connected them up wirelessly. In like 2 seconds. I mean it was that quick. Then I checked out the 'Download play' thingy, where only one person has to have the game and everyone else can just download enough data to play against you. As I said earlier - it's very cool.

OK, so the short version is that both Nick and I now own a DS. Normally I would feel bad or guilty over wasting my cash on somehting so frivolous. Not today baby. This is possibly the coolest looking thing I own! I got a white one (scratches and smudeges don't show up so much) and so did Nick. We also got the 'How Old is Your Brain?' game. It's really fun, giving puzzles to give your brain a workout. Though I should point out that I think they cheat on the initial test. The only give you one test - the Stroop test. This determined that my brain was 46 and Nick's was 44. However I tested again the next day (only lets you do it once a day) and got down to 25 (20 is the ideal brain age) - but this time they use 3 tests so I think they do the first one to encourage you to start improving on the training.

Anyway, I digress. It's awesome in every way* and precisely the kind of thing I want for train journeys, games that are highly addicitive but that can be put down easily. I don't care what you say - it rocks!

[Edit]Due to a preponderance of the word 'Cool' (or variations thereof) in this post, I have decided to edit, but I couldn't do it without saying anything or Famulus may complain again! So, his reply shouldn't be taken out of context. Even if he is wrong. hehe[/Edit]

*Except for the fact you have to turn it off and on again after every change in operation. No biggy as it only takes about 2 seconds to boot up.


Famulus said...

You used the word 'cool' in that post *way* too often. ;-)

MattJ said...

hmm, while I believe the 'quantity of the word cool:item coolness' ratio is justified, for the sake of ease of reading I may edit....

lunaliar said...

Way back when, I had a game boy... like, an original game boy. It was like a brick with a green and black screen! AWESOME! If I could find it, I wonder how much it would fetch on ebay... :)

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