Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Cleanse and Purify!

This post title has nothing to do with the content, just know Mike is reading this and it will bring a smile to his face!

I'm not going to whine about ADSL anymore, even I am growing tired of it! Got all my stuff through just got to wait for the trolls at BT to flip the switch.

Finally got my free lunch off the Staff Manager today! woohoo! Was very nice, though I did get a little cautious when he took me to a pub right near where the ex works. Don't know if I mentioned on here but I found out a girl I used to go out with 3 years ago moved down here about the same time I did, to a place around 10 minutes down the road. I think if I turned up it would look more than a little stalker like, and she really doesn't need that kind of help with her already considerable ego.

Anyone who doesn't know these sites should immediately familiarise themselves with them, first is The Onion , Americas finest news source. Next is The Whitehouse, particuarly the patriot test. Absolute genius.

I think I am addicted to ordering stuff from play. A psychology student would probably say it's some deep seeded psychological need for excitement caused by a spoiled surprise when I was three. Or if you're a Freudian you probably think it's because i want to sleep with my mum, you sick freak!
It is quite pathetic though. You know, every time I go home home - will there or won't there be mail? oooooh! Having said that, the anxiety I am experiencing at the moment because one of my orders seems to have gone astray may cause a rethink!

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Mike said...

Nice title...sounds like an order to me...must obey...

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