Tuesday, September 06, 2005

And the morale of the story is...

Stop whining like a little girl with a skinned knee and they turn your internet on! Woohoo! That's right people I am connected to the interwebby thing and am available for 24 hour blogging! That is until Play get my shiny new game to me or until the weekend when I'll be following a tried and tested formula of drinking until I forget how bad the music in whatever club I find myself in is!

Considering I am currently listening to Credence Clearwater Revival and spent one of my most recent weekends ironing, I think middle age is getting an unfair headstart in my life. Maybe I'll get a free dose of 'pre-30' energy later on when I am around 60 or something? I can but hope I guess.

Ah that's more like it! Kings of Leon, definitely more credible! (though CCR do rock).

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