Friday, September 02, 2005

2nd Saturday in doors.......

OK, things are getting serious. Rob has had to cancel this weekends birthday bash due to half his friends not being about and a sudden affliction known has 'parental visit'. That means this'll be the second weekend in a row I'll be in my flat, this would be fine if the internet was on, I could play games and be merry! I may be forced to watch the idiot box. Euch! Primetime TV, vaccuum wrapped, plastic, reconstituted Macdonalds pap unfit for human consumption. And that's just soap operas.

Still it does prevent me from spending a fortune going out in the extortionately priced 'we're fairly close to London so we must be trendy' (your not) Guildford town centre. I'm also saved the embarassment of having my drunken advances rejected by whatever unsuspecting and hapless women I would have stumbled across.*

Time to catch up on the reading then, got a few books on the go so probably an ideal time to finish them off, though one of them is truly awful. Robin Cook, Contagion. This guy wrote Outbreak, which they made a film of with Dustin Hoffman. Quality flick and story, don't let that fool you. I pinched this 'double bill' book off my mum, it has 'Vector' and 'Contagion' in one book. His good guys are sickeningly good and his baddies so despicable as to be unbeleivable. It's like everyone in his books isn't an actual character more a caricature.

Character flaw number 694: Once I've started reading a book, I have to finish it, even if it means reading a couple of others alongside in order to give myself an entertainment break.

I got an Xbox so I could potter around on that for a bit but will probably spend most of my time reading and pissing around with my PC, trying to persuade it to not be so Uberly slow. Anyway, that's my plan for the weekend, thrilling eh?

*Can you be Hapful? I was going to ask what a hap is, but apparently it is actually a word, go on - look it up! The first question is retrospective, because no you can't be hapful. It does beg the question why not? though.

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