Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Suits and Woodland don't mix

Left my flat at around 6am today to come to work. Got a bit ropey walking down my shortcut, It's like a tiny forest. Picking my way through this in the pitch black while suited and booted isn't my idea of a glorious start to the day! It was a little precarious dodging puddles but I did manage to avoid falling in the river, so every cloud.

Hoping to go to Wimbledon after work for a few drinks with Sam, may even just jump straight on a train without changing, I'll see what she says when she gets to work. If I'm still awake by then of course! 5am. Time or a Morally Evil force that shouldn't be encouraged?

I've managed to regenerate some skepticism about the Nano, so thinking I may not be one of the Pod People after all. Either that or they have become very clever since the dodgy 70's remake. Apparently it scratches really easily which is pretty shocking considering that a major chunk of the iPod market is populated by people who went for which player looked the nicest or was the coolest one to own, rather than which one did it's job the best. I put a big bit here about MP3 players and pro's and cons etc. Then I realised how intensely dull it was and if anyone really wanted to know they would go to a review website and read stuff written by someone who has a clue about what they are talking about.

I was talking to the Rah yesterday and we are going to a Halloween party at the end of October (no, really?!). We are going as Dennis the Menace and Beryl the Peril of Beano fame! I just need to get myself a hooped Black & Red striped Jersey and a pair of similar socks. Black shorts won't be a problem, may have to visit a Goth Shop for the other things though. Not sure what Emi and Kirsty are going as yet, but to be fair it is over a month away.

Definitely need to start going to the gym, my life appears to be entirely based on planning nights out.


Famulus said...

Just been having a little chortle through your blog. Seemed only fair, since you have been sufficiently brave to read and even comment on mine. I also cast a bloodshot eye over your profile. Interested to see that you currently reside in a town that I spent 5 happy years in as a kid. Fetcham. Say hello to Drayton Close for me should you ever get the chance. In the meantime keep tramping through them woods and don't succum to the iPod. Tis evil incarnate.

MattJ said...

Yes I am in lovely Fetcham. You may have noticed my disappointing run in with the much vaunted Fetcham Tandoori. I was doing well until i ordered something spicy and it just didnt deliver. I didn't order a curry for over a week, which if you know me is a long time!. Luckily there is an alternate and all is well again now. I live above the Pet Shop next to the Budgens, where they here when you were about? Pretty much opposite the garage.

Incidentally people, if you want something that plums a bit deeper than iPods, Oasis and Subway sandwiches, check out Martin's blog, I'll stick a link on sometime this week.

Olivia said...

I finally made it over here. You are fast becoming one of my most faithful commenters.
I don't know where Fetcham is, really. Otherwise I would have suggested you go shopping in Camden Market. You can find anything in Camden, I would bet my Alfa Brera on it!

MattJ said...

Well I am 2 miles from Leatherhead which is about 1/2 hour on the train to Waterloo so, yeah will give it a go one day. Will have to take Sam with me, because I am still a country bumpkin and will get frightened by those 'Magical Towers of Steel'! . Will have to do somehting, I've decided there are no buthcers in Surrey which leaves me with only supermarket meat (bleurgh!) to cook with!

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