Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ramblings of a disillusioned mind

For want of something productive to do with my time I've decided to make another entry although what it will contain I'm not sure yet as I'm just writing as I think.

Called that girl earlier while I was talking to Emi on MSN. Actually while she was off doing something but you get the idea. Think we are still on for a date at some point so that's good. Calling her while I sound like a creepier version of Barry White may have been ill advised though. Got shouted at by the Rah (in text form anyway) becasue she thinks I'm all depressed about not having a girlfriend and that I'm being stupid. She thinks this because I've been in a bad mood today and was whining about a whole host of things including the bizarre and evil set of wiring that passes for the female mind. Not having a girlfriend is an unsurprisingly low priority on my list of things to be down about, more important is the disappointing vindaloo I had from the local curry house last week.

It was mild and tasteless, and this was somewhere I'd been raving about too! I've noit been able to bring myself to go back, I feel so disappointed!

Saint Helens won the Minor Premiership in Superleague a few weeks ago (Go Us!), and now have to beat Leeds in the Playoffs to get to the Grand Final at Old Trafford. Things are looking a little shaky as we are without our Half Back Sean Long and the Loose Forward and captain Paul Sculthorpe. We got a few other injuries too but these are key players, both will be missing the Test series in November whioch is a major blow.

Oooh! Speaking of which, the Rah has tickets to go see the third test in Hull on the 19th of November. I'm currently compiling a series of bribes in case her Dad has a sudden attack of idiocy and turns down the chance to go.

Just got text off the girl. Not looking good. Ho-Hum. Ever have a day when things just all go wrong?


MJ said...

I am getting worried, one whole day without an entry? are you ok? are you still alive? did the man flu kill you?
hope to hear from you soon
yes...I have no life, you have become my only source of entertainment (that sounds dirty)

MattJ said...

It didn't until you pointed it out! lol! I can think of worse things than being your only source of entertainment!

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