Thursday, September 15, 2005

From Stud to Dud!

Particularly pleased with the title of this post, most apt. After much arguing with Emi and Hannah I decided to phone the girl I met at the weekend a little while a go. My lack of confidence in the outcome of said phone call was outweighed by the prospect of two and a half days of badgering when I go to Hull so phone I did.

There are various reasons I didn't phone earlier, abject cowardice being a key recurring theme, but also some legitimate ones that I can't be bothered to go into.

So anyway I called and she didn't answer her phone which is a fairly good indication that she probably didn't want to. I've narrowed this result down to ten of the most likely possibilities, feel free to vote on the matter.

1)She was really drunk and was therefore subject to 'Beer Goggles'
2)After not receiving a phone call from me by Monday, she decided she could never love another man and ran away to join a Convent
3)One of the Crab People
4)She has had corrective eye surgery since our meeting
5)Kidnapped by Aliens
6)Phone Nicked
7)Kidnapped by a super advanced race of Sea Creatures
8)She kind of hinted that there maybe a Boy already, so possibly that's it. Then I'm rubbish at hints! lol!
9)She's doing a Nursing degree. It's possible she couldn't answer her phone because of work. Boys gotta hope! lol!
10)She reads this blog.

Oh, in case anyone is looking for the ever popular 'Maybe she doesn't answer unknown numbers!' entry, she does actually have it so that usually credible possibility is sadly relegated.

Still, at least I don't have to keep thinking about it now. At least I tried to call her which is more than I usually do, and the not answering of the phone is probably better than actually being told to bugger off. As a final word on this, don't be giving me the 'you only phoned her once!' crap, I'll show as a missed call so it's not like I've not left a number. Repeatedly calling someone you don't know is weird and often punishable by a restraining order, and besides my stalking schedule is jam packed, I couldn't possibly manage an additional subject.

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