Monday, September 26, 2005

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

This is a dull post. You have been warned.

I've been replaced by a Pod Person, I'm sure of it.

Many years ago I railed against the brothers Gallagher because they are apes and I didn't think their band was all that special. I was sure they were good in their way, and some of the tunes were catchy but I refused to get caught up in the hype that followed them, as usually such hype is misplaced and innaccurate. They did appear to disappear up their own arses and my case, as far as I saw it, was proven.

The iPod. Very pretty and easy to use but the battery life a Horsefly would blanche at. The iPod mini, ditto. Once again the Hype put me off. It's dead easy to use but it doesn't play all file formats, so you are screwed if you use Windows Media player to compress your music. Personally don't think there is that much mileage left in mp3 as better formats are coming out and, I'm sad to say, Windows Media Audio is one of them. Christ I'm a geek! So, I would go for the Creative Zen Touch every time. 50 quid cheaper than the equivalent iPod, 26 hour battery life and plays every format you can think of. Coolio. I was phased not a jot when the Nano came out, looked like another piece of overpriced but pretty crap from Apple.

Here is the Pod Person bit (no pun intended). I bought the new Oasis album last week, I spent money on it and everything. It's awesome. OK there is a bit of filler but some quality tracks on there, most notably Loves Like a Bomb, Lyla and The Importance of being Idle. The video for the last is also quality, starring Rhys Ifans from my home town! woohoo!

Someone in work just got a Nano. It's more than pretty. They claim a 14 hour battery life, there is no Hard Drive so it's miniscule. It has a colour screen with cool resolution. Apparently they've addressed the sound quality and volume issues that were reported by some on it's predecessors, though I will wait for more reviews first before I decide on that. I'd prefer 6GB drive but that's just picky to be honest. Still has the format restrictions though.

I use my phone as a player right now but it's not ideal, I've been thinking about getting one for months. Problem is I am saving for a new computer (come one, I am a geek and this one is nearly 3 years old!) and can't really justify the outlay. Also could do with a car at some point, but wait for Mr Judge's Judgement on my license before I continue with that aspiration!

So, it's down to persuading the family to club together to get my shiny new toy for Christmas.... well...... you never know.......


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Dark Side, Matt. I've seen Oasis live twice. I'm not ashamed to say I adore them. Of course I'm just another stupid American girl who gets hot and bothered by naughty British boy swagger. And as far as the Nano goes.....well let's just say I don't even want to look at my pink Mini anymore. I'm done with her. I do still take her to the gym to keep me company on the treadmill, but that's only until I can get my hands on the true object of my affection.

MattJ said...

Well if it's the naughty British Boy swagger you are after, check out the Kaiser Chiefs. Awesome band from Leeds, pretty sure tehy are touring the States right now. Either way Buy their album Employment. It rocks.

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