Monday, September 05, 2005

Monday thinkings...

Still no ADSL. Still no shiny new game, worried its gone missing now - Play sent it last Wednesday and still not here :-( . Yes I'm a Geek, I don't care goddammit! What the hell you expect? I studied Computer Science for Chrissake! Of course I'm a geek!

I think I've ordered my ADSL off the surliest people in Christendom. I'm not sure anyone can be naturally that surly, certainly not such a high concentration of people. I think Demon must send them on some kind of training course where they watch people drowning puppies in order to remove all faith in humanity. Even the emails are surly. I sent them one last week that was uberly polite in the extreme. I was asking them to chase up the line test and give me an estimate on when they would turn the service one. The response I got had 7, count 'em, 7 words! And three of those were the signature.

Maybe their copy of Outlook was running out of ink.

Looks like Dubyah has finally acknowledged the existence of Louisianna. He probably figured that since most of the important tax payers got out in time no one would notice the poor, the weak or those pesky African Americans. It's a sad state of affairs when such an incompetent, uncaring moron is allowed to run the worlds only super power. Though to be fair, it's fairly obvious that he isn't the one running the show.

I was watching the Beeb yesterday and some estimates suggest there will still be people in the conference centre at Christmas.

Hands up all those who think this kind of pitiful effort would be displayed if a similar disaster struck somewhere like LA or Chicago? It's shameful the speed that the worlds most powerful man crawled into action. OK, some blame has to lie with the State concerned, the emergency planning was fairly badly thought out but, ultimately, responsibility for the unnecessary loss and death caused by the aid delay has to lie with the administration of the country. Wasn't this precisely the kind of the thing the department of homeland security was supposed to help with?

It's easy to criticise from the outside looking in, and it's a bit rich of me to get on my high horse like this but it just seems that Dubyah and the administration in general have shown a complete disregard for the people of Louisianna and I have to wonder how much demographics came into play in the decision making process.

Ok I better go, this is turning into an essay. Will write somehting a little mroe upbeat next time! ;)

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