Wednesday, September 21, 2005


As promised, I've now snapped out of my bizarre malaise. Well enough to appreciate what a whining irritant I've been anyway. So in celebration of this I've decided post a picture of me. It's good for several reasons:

a)It's dark
b)I'm drunk and
c)I'm using the global gesture of 'International Party Animal'

So, all good ;-)

Or not. It's locked into my phone as a system file for some reason. bah! It's all good though people, I have it in work. I will update this post tomorrow ;-)


I decided a pose that said 'Cheesier than a dairylea sponsored Cheesathon in Wisconsin' was definitely the way forward.

Don't worry. The mind has a way of forgetting the pain, in time the horror will pass! ;-P

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