Thursday, September 15, 2005

Highly Trained Professional

That's right folks! 3 months in and I'm being Inducted into the project! My 2 day Induction has begun and soon I will be a Guru of all things on my project. I've spent the morning in front of PowerPoint slides and already I am aglow with arcane knowledge, the envy of friends and colleagues.

Ok, maybe not but it's actaully really interesting in a very geeky kind of way if you're that way inclined. I do, however, appreciate that most of my readership (if there are any of you!) are not so I'll spare you the detail.

Looking forward to the weekend immensely, be really good to see everyone again, sounds like a bunch of people I haven't seen in an absolute age will be at the party so should be good. I'll regale them with thrilling tales of my exploits! That should cover the first five minutes, will need to find something more interesting to tell them afterwards. I may need to resort to lying.

Note to self: Lead a more interesting life. Perhaps take up International Man of Mysterying, Stuntmanning and/or race driving. Consider foiling plot to destroy/take over the world concocted by Evil Genius.

Alternatively become said Evil Genius.

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