Monday, September 12, 2005

Weekend score 9/10.....

No updates over the weekend Matt? What's going on? Well the story begins on a miserable Saturday morning..... LOL! OK, the short version.

I agreed to go out in Guildford on Saturday for Robs birthday, wasn't really up for it for some reason but got myself all spruced up and my friend Hannah came to get me and we headed Guildford-ward. Saw rob for like 5 minutes before he vanished somewhere but I was with my Uni mates Lee and Hannah, and two colleagues Katy and Alex (don't think you weren't spotted canoodling either!).

Also (OK bear with me here!) Hannah's best friend Hanna was there, who brought along her new friend Leanne. With me so far? good. OK Hanna and Leanne both started a Nursing degree at Guilford uni last week, and Hanna being the way she is invited Leanne (whom she had known for precisely 8 hours) to come out with us. Which made me enormously happy because she is beautiful, and has remarkably good taste in American cartoons.

The point of this long winded tale is that I got her number. It's great, I appear to have developed a knack for getting the numbers of beautiful yet myopic women. I may even develop a back bone and give her a call, who knows? Of course if I do, I'll then have the problem of preventing her from sorting out those cataracts and ruining a relationship clearly destined for eternal happiness.

So that was Saturday anyway, it was a good day though I did manage to get completely spazzed beyond all human recognition and could barely see let alone stand by the time I got home.

Sunday: Slightly delicate, obviously that last pint was a bit dodgy. Made a cardiac arrest for breakfast. Cleaned kitchen and bathroom as Stuart was due back off holiday and it wouldn't be good to walk in after a 6 hour drive to see all my washing up lying around!

Oh! On Saturday we arranged a BBQ at Lee's house but the weather wasn't look too good, so me and Leanne figured it was off. Gutted because Lee was still keen to throw it but by the time he got in touch Leanne had made other plans. Or she was just politely bailing?

Wasn't really in a fit state to leave the flat anyway, spent the day buggering around with the computer and talking over the Net with Mike (Voice chat does rule), playing games. Had a disappointing curry for which I was forced to leave the flat for three or four minutes, I was sufficiently recovered to cope though so it wasn't all bad.

All in all a quality weekend, good night in good company on Saturday and totally lethargic recovery on Sunday with an activity level of nearly Zero (I did have to get up once or twice!). Only down side is that I have been told that Rah's (another Hannah) birthday in Hull this coming weekend is a Knights and Damsels theme. I have neither full plate mail nor a ball gown

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