Sunday, September 25, 2005

Reasons not to go out in Leatherhead at the weekend

Or rather Reason, singular. Basically it sucks, went out for a few last night and there was no one about at all. My favorite pub here had some folk singer on, who was very good but to be honest - wrong pub wrong day. So really looking forward to next weekend. Nim's birthday bash should be a scream, especially if I can get Sam to come along. Trying to get her to bring the Boy Niall too, only met the guy once but he seems a really good guy and he plays Gaelic football and various other intensely violent, pad-free sports. Nutter.

So off to Old Orleans next Friday, going to try round up some troops for it during the week so there is a mass of people there. Nim appears not to have so much a circle of friends but rather a Hemisphere so my small contribution may not be noticed, but every little helps ;)

Am going to give Lee a ring this week too, I know he has a Thursday, Friday and Saturday session planned so will probably join in on at least one of those. Should be a good laugh, Lee is always a good guy to go out on a session with, has no concept of home time! Whenever you say 'right, I'm off mate' he always replies with 'What? you goin home? awww. well see you next time buddy' like it's 9 o'clock and you are heading home early despite it being nearly 3am.

Now don't get me wrong, Leatherhead is a pleasant enough place it just isn't the centre of the entertainment universe.

Ok, other stuff 'wot Matt is up to' (getting used to the way some people speak down here) this week. Hopefully off to Wimbledon on Wednesday to hook up with Sam and do a bit of catching up general chit chat. Was really good last time we met up because her parents were down so got to catch up with the family too. May also have night out in Guildford another time in the week, but that depends on 3rd parties so will wait and see on that one.

Got another 6am start on Tuesday which will be immense fun, as I'm sure you can imagine, because we are turning on all the things we switched off last Tuesday. Once again I omit the details for security and, more importantly, audience retention reasons.

Just read this thing back. It is intensely dull! Christ. You poor people who have made it this far and have yet to find a morsel of entertainment! Time to make something up...................

I defeated a Dread Lord from the depths of Hell yesterday, he was attempting to infect and corrupt the population of the Earth by having Barney the Dinosaur broadcast every hour on the hour on every station on the planet. After I broke into his fortress and defeated his evil, purple clad and annoyingly sweet honour guard I confronted the meglomaniacal mad man-daemon. I explained how 'organised' is spelt with an 's' not a 'z' and this left him distracted and confused, thus giving me enough time for me to go about my noble crusade. I proceeded to hack into his broadcast system and sent out images of Pob and the Banana Bunch in place of the product of Satans's own arse that is Barney and thus the population was saved. What of the evil daemon Dave? Well he'd been too corrupted by his own filth and soiled his purple pants at the sight of a true servant of the Light and now is in a rehabilitation facility on a 24 hour diet of Trapdoor and Dangermouse.

That'll do you.

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