Monday, September 05, 2005

The need to Purify British Telecom

What follows is a total whinge, so if you aren't in the mood, just skip it :-P

It has become clear to me that the insidious members of the unclean cult known as British Telecom have revealed themselves to be worshippers of the Great God Bengali, the Incompetent One. Also known as Ranulf 'You'll have to get through m...... Arrgh! i'm hit!', God of lame sidekicks.

After an arduous quest to contact the living through Demons hazardous automated phone system, I eventually got through to the Oracle of ADSL knowledge. His name was Keith, and unlike all other Demons I have spoken to or contacted through email, he hadn't yet gone through the removal of helpfulness operation common to his colleagues. After a short wait he informed me that the exchange was full and the BT engineer would be going out to it on the 16th of September. I'm rather optimistically assuming that he means this year, though this is BT so there is no way to be sure. Another pissing ten days!

The only solution is to cleanse BT with purifying flame. After they have connected my internet of course. This basically means that even if I were to cancel and switch provider I would have the same problem, so I may as well stick with Demon because when they eventually turn on the service, at least it'll be value for money!

In conclusion, BT suck huge blubbery arse.


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MJ said...

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