Friday, September 23, 2005

For Maria, my Number 1 fan!

That's right. Matt has a hot Columbian woman hanging off his every word, I rock! lol!

Don't worry Maria, the Man Flu didn't claim my life. It was responsible for two miserable and boring days though. Still feel rough but had to get back to work or I was going to start drilling holes in my kneecaps just to relieve the boredom!

I was also driving Emi and Hannah insane with my miserableness so before I turned into a complete Pariah I figured it was time to go back to work. Besides, I slept and I ate. That means I am better. Also there is the amusing possibility of infecting all my colleagues, so could have some entertainment soon too!

I'm glad I came back today because Friday is Hoffday here in our little corner of the project and today I received The Hoffs CV. If anyone would like to receive this or any of the other fabulous Hoff-based emails I've received please let me know and I will make sure you are fully Hoffified!

My popularity is on the up again. Woohoo! It's Lee's birthday next week so I think there is something on next Thursday but not sure what yet. Nim's birthday is next Friday and we are going to Old Orleans in Guildford which should be good. There is also a thing going on in Hull next weekend with Hannah and Emi but not sure if I can go to that yet. Depends on whether their sofa is free or not! lol! Also I am working next Saturday morning so may leave them alone for a while, I think they've got a dose of OverMatt at the moment. If I don't go to Hull there could be another Guildford night out instead.

There may also be another night out in the week sometime, but waiting on a phone call for that one. Finally I could be going out in Guildford tomorrow night but not really up for it right now. Stuart is spending his first weekend in the flat and fancies a night in Guildford, I'm still feeling a little rough though so will have to wait and see I think.

Actually. I am going to email my friend Sam and see what she is up to, could be a night in Wimbledon. Watch this space.....


MJ said...

Since Matt dedicated a whole entry to me I will explain who I am.
I met Matt a few years ago trough a gay chat room. I was there to meet gay guys because they are the best friends… he was there to meet lesbian chicks cause he wanted to see some action, or so he says. Since then we get involved in very interesting web cam “conversations” at least twice a week. I think I am deeply in love with him. It is mostly his dark skin and big brown eyes. I expected welsh boys to be all white and skinny, but I am very mistaken. Hope to meet you all one day after he saves me from my despair and we end up living happily ever after in the UK

MattJ said...

Ah my Blonde, Blue Eyed Columbian princess! I remember when first we met. You'd just come out of the 'Men, Goats and Rabbii's' Chat room. Like you, I had a perception of South American girls being olive skinned, brown haired and brown eyed. I was very surprised to discover you were an Albino.

I do plan to save you from your despair if you need me too Maria, but I find just turning the soap Operas off ends the pain fairly quickly ;)

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