Thursday, September 15, 2005

Girls, Time to take one for 'The Team'

OK. I have had an idea that I think will benefit the majority of the female population and, obviously, myself. I want all the attractive, intelligent and above all funny women to get together and pick one to take one for the team. I don't care how you do it; Draw straws, random number generator, two girl sack races on consecutive Sundays, I don't care.

However you decide, the loser has to go on..... I dunno.....lets say 3 dates with me and make a good show of enjoying herself. After the third date, she is free to go but she needs to make sure that it isn't a 'break up'. So that either means she fakes her own death, moves to Brazil to care for sick Spider Monkeys, pretends to be a member of the BNP or possibly tries to convince me she's a man. I'll leave it up to the imagination of the individual concerned.

By making this small sacrifice, you could prevent my harrassment of women in pubs and clubs for months by boosting my ego. You see 3 dates is pretty good. When people say 'When was the last time you had a girlfriend?' I can reply '[insert truth]* but I've seen [number of women in scheme] since I broke up with her, it's hard to find the 'right one' though'

See how it works? A small pretense could keep me away indefinitely! It's something to consider anyway, so have a think about it.

*Currently around 6 months technically, though we broke up around 8 months ago.


MJ said...
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MJ said...

sorry...i had to erase the other one because i didn't check it before posting and then i read it and realized i had some really big mistakes...not that it excuse: english is not my first language...still, this is what i said before:
If I fit into the profile I would gladly do it...I would even go out on 4 dates instead of 3. I do need a plane ticket to the UK though.... We have to work out the details...

MattJ said...

May not need it at all hun if I get my act together and sort out coming to see you next summer! :D

MJ said...

may not need what? the dates? or the plane ticket?
are you rejecting me matt? after all this time waiting for you?

MattJ said...

Plane tickets! I still remmeber banning you from wearing long coats, of course you're not rejected! ;) lol!

Clearly the first one had to be deleted because it was too rude for publication! :-D

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