Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Oooh! Pretty..

I found this picture of my home town in front of one of the surrounding mountains on t'internet, thought I would share. The Town is called Ruthin (I know in England it would be called a village, but this is Wales so there!). The mountain is part of a the Clwydian range and is called Moel Famau. The little nipple on the top is part of some [Edit] Georgian (I'm an idiot, got my ruins confused and said they were Roman!) [/Edit] ruins.


Olivia said...

Would you believe I left a comment on your previous entry a mere minute after you left a comment on mine?

Wales is pretty and the coolest thing is the Roman ruin, in my opinion. Although why they bothered to go all the way out to Wales is beyond me.

MattJ said...

Bah! Turns out I am an idiot! It's not Roman at all! It's only a couple hundred years old, I think I got myself confused with some other monument. D'oh!

Still pretty cool though

MattJ said...

Incidentally the best part is looking down from the top of that Mountain. Its a hell of a view. May go up there over christmas and take a few photos if I can muster the energy

Olivia said...

OK the word verification is longer than my one-word post, so I've just lengthened it by observing that fact.

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