Friday, November 18, 2005

Gvisit and Evil Scripts!

[Pseudo-Geek explanation] Gvisit is the site I use to track you to your homes so that I may better stalk you. It appears to have fallen over for the time being, which has a knock on effect for my blog. It would appear that the script that I run to update the site hangs if the site is unavailable. This then prevents the blog from loading, which means you can't read it. For the time being I've commented the Script out of my blog Template as I have neither the time nor the inclination to see if i can put some kind of time-out in it. I've not really touched 'Pointy Bracket' languages much, may have to do a week to learn a few. [/Pseudo-Geek Explanation]

[Tech-free explanation] The map thingy broke. I've turned it off until it works again. [/Tech-free explanation]

If, after I turn it back on, you can't get here at any point and you desperately want to read my blog updates - you know you've finished sanding your kneecaps or something - email me using the link in my profile and I will leap into action. Well, I'll probably sigh and tut a bit first. There may be eye-rolling and heavy handed keyboard use. Possibly a 'put upon' look on my face.

Leaping is unlikely if I'm fair.

Rather than a quote I am now going to give you an anecdote, this will demonstrate why I am genereally left to shop on my own.

Some months ago 2 of my housemates in Hull and I were looking to buy the 4th member of the house some Kick Boxing Mitts for her birthday. Laura had a penchant for beating her boyfriend up and we felt sorry for the poor sod. So we look around all the 'Sports Shops', only to find that they only supply Chav Wear and not actual sports equipment. We were forced to go into the Store which belongs to the owner of a certain Pie-Eating rugby team. Needs must. Anyway, we looked around the store and we eventually find some of these mitts.

They were right in the middle of the Golfing equipment section. I announced, perhaps slightly too loudly, 'You see! They are basically telling you that you should be beating up golfers! Get it off the telly and buy a proper bloody jumper!'.

We made our purchase and left. Quickly.


Olivia said...

No loading problem so far.

Funny about the chav wear. I was complaining about it the other day when I went to Lillywhite's for some warmer Yoga wear. I got lost in the flood of Chavs attending the big sales. Looked around at the clothing and realised it was all statement and no use. Then I found the area where they had the *real* sportswear (far from Lonsdale), and picked up a couple of Adidas and Nike pieces.

MattJ said...

Back to the Gym for me today! May have a go at Yoga on Wednesday provided I don't feel too self conscious :-p

Olivia said...

Hip-hip hooray for Matt!
You won't feel self conscious - everyone else is in the same boat. Personally, I feel more self-conscious with weights than in yoga.

lau* said...

Oh Matt, mentioning me twice in a matter of weeks. You must have lived apart from me for so long that you have good feelings towards me again!

MattJ said...

It's clearly the secret desire for you that i've harboured all this time finally coming through. Either that or a slight fear for my physical safety next time I see you for not mentioning you at all. ;-p

now you've registered I demand regular comments! i know you use me as your post-lunch skive so you can bloody well earn your posts! lol!

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