Friday, November 11, 2005

Creative Genius

Inkeeping with todays theme of creativity I am going to tell you of some unsung Heroes, undiscovered talent that has been overlooked by the wider world. Their ideas have either been shunned or stolen and I bring them to you here. Aren't I good?

Long before the Mars ice Cream was invented my cousin Emma was way ahead of the game. When I was little my mum did her shopping on a Friday night, then in the evening we would be given the Friday treats that she had purchased. This was usually some kind of chocolate, some novelty savoury snack and a drink. All of this and the A-team, what more could you need? Anyway, on one occasion the cousin came over from Trefnant for some reason or other and she was included in our little ritual. I was horrified to discover her slicing up here Mars Bar and depositing it in the coldest part of the fridge instead of shoving it as quickly as possible into her gaping maw like a civilised human being. My perturbation turned to despair an hour or so later when she was sitting there with a plate of Semi-frozen Mars Bar that seemed to last forever. Anyway, all I'm saying is that a few years later Mars Ice Creams were developed, so she was clearly a Visionary.

Just before I continue I need to stop any expectation that a couple of people may have. Emi, Hannah - the Helium filled Bra will not be featuring here. I'm sorry.

Jelly Tots. These aren't given nearly enough press.

I also have a vague recollection of Pints of Coke with ice cream in them and deciding these were the dogs bollox. I find the idea repulsive beyond belief now so it's possible it is some kind of repressed nightmare where I developed a penchant for things that were hideous in every way.

Vimto. I really shouldn't have to say more than that.

I appear to have developed quite a lot of work, so I will have to complete this reminiscence another time. Bugger.


Famulus said...

Iron Brew and Cherry Coke. They were and still are the rulers of the fizzy drink world.

Yum. :-)

MattJ said...

Cherry Coke I'm with you mate, Irn Bru (as I think you'll find it is :P) is filth mate! And I thought you a man of taste!

Vimto is the undisputed Ruler bar none!

"Diet Irn Bru 'All of the taste with none of the sugar!'. Are you insane? I drink this shit because of the sugar in spite of the taste!" Adam hills

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