Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Don't ever buy anything from Watford Electronics.

PC update: Still broken. Don't ever shop at Savastore. This is a subsidiary of Watford Electronics. They sell high quality merchandise at very reasonable prices, which is great if nothing goes wrong. If, however, you have any problems after they have taken your money, you are left with a customer services department that makes the Chocolate Fireguard appear to be the most useful and inspired invention the world has ever seen. I say they are a department. I'm pretty sure it's a 15 year old YTS kid who works between 12 and 2 on alternate Tuesdays. I just realised that I used the words 'Customer Service' in a sentence involving this company. I'm not entirely sure what definitions they are using for that particular combination of words but I'm fairly certain that it's different to the definition the rest of us ascribe to it.

Don't be lured in by their prices and good brands, pay a little extra and deal with a competent company. I know there are only a handful of you that read this and fewer still who buy PC things but if I can save even one of you from the 8th circle of Hell that is the Watford Electronics Customer Torture department then I feel that my work here is done.

I'm off to call Trading Standards now, hopefully they will be able to move things along for me.

Moving on.

When it comes to my social life, I frequently have the organisational skills of a small and startled child who hasn't quite worked out why the cube won't fit into the round hole. This is the only explanation as to why I plan to do everything within the same 2 hour period, often requiring me to be in several counties at any given time. So. Somekind of Telepathic diary for Christmas please people.

Other than the lurgy, this has been my main hindrance to the Gym thing I think. As such I will not be doing Yoga later, but I will be going to the gym. It's no major reason, it's just easier to go straight to the gym from work then head home, the yoga class doesn't start until 7:30 and it takes me about an hour to shower, change and walk home from the gym.

I have no idea why I am telling you this. Basically, I am going to the gym but right now it's too much hassle to hang around an hour and a half after work, do a class then get home after 9:30pm. So will stick with the workout. And maybe Pilates next week as those classes start earlier.

Right I'm off, more later.

Nice geek quote today:

I have always wished that my computer would be as easy to use as my telephone. My wish has come true. I no longer know how to use my telephone. -
Bjarne Stroustrup

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Olivia said...

When did you tell us your computer had broken?

I nearly forgot I have yoga tonight. Means I have to go BACK down to Bond St. where I just came from, but I can't skip class as it's our last until Jan!

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