Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Well. So far.

I should highlight before I go on that this will be a predominantly Geek oriented post. Even though I plan to keep the detail to a minimum, I feel it my duty to highlight this fact for you, so feel free to wait for somehting more entertaining.

Ok, so the new Motherboard is here and plugged in to the PC, it works. Huzzah! Got pretty pictures and everything. Go Me! (Or rather Go Nick who did most of the work). I just need to go home and install all the drivers and stuff now and all should be peachy. You have no idea how pleased I was when the monitor in work flickered to life once the machine was powered on. There was one awful moment when I thought it still didn't work. My PC was very nearly a piece of conceptual art.

So. Provided nothing goes horribly wrong between here and the flat, I could be merrily playing games in very high definition, photo-realistic (yeah right!) graphics in a few hours. Also I may have some snazzy software that I can schedule TV recording with. It's all very exciting.

Despite the PC success, I was still going to resume Gymness this evening but the Doc told me not to be such an idiot when I suggested it to her yesterday. Ok she didn't say that, but she had one of 'those' looks. Withering I think is the correct description. Apparently my body is too busy with other things for me to inflict any degree of strenuous exercise on it. So that's me until Monday by the look of it, I travel up to Wales tomorrow night and am not back until Sunday sometime. Not the best of starts, 1 session in a week! Still, I'll try again next week. Perserverence and all that (excellent song by Terrorvision that one).


Forgot to finish this yesterday (16th) so have pre-dated it and ended it prematurely:

a)Because it's boring and
b)I may as well continue in the next post :-p


Olivia said...

Always something deeply satisfying about the hum of a shiny new computer.

Some years ago, my Dad built his own 150 MHz computer, then upgraded it a couple of years after to 300 MHz. (hehe, I just realised I'd typed GHz. My gosh how times have changed.)
Anyway, the processor speed was displayed in LED on the front of the CPU.
Somehow I got the task of re-arranging all the little switches on the back of the display so that 150 would read 300.

Armed with a pair of tweezers, I did it in about an hour or so, trial and error, AND I diagrammed it on grid paper. Not that it came in handy or anything...

I was proud of myself and Dad of course said he knew I'd enjoy myself.

Olivia the closet techie. ;)

MattJ said...

I found a watch on that tells the time in Binary. I really want one, my friends look at me like I am wearing plastic sandles and carrying a thermos when I tell them that!

You're right about the hum. My old one sounded like it was about to take off lol!

Olivia said...

Hey, have you heard of Widgets? (by Yahoo!)

They would go well with your new computer.

All sorts of things from weather stations, to clocks (including binary), alarms, memo pads, fun stuff.

/* -----------GOOGLE ANALYTICS TRACKING CODE-------------- */ /*------------------END TRACKING CODE-------------------- */