Friday, November 25, 2005

More Train Fun.

I think I am some kind of masochist. Once again I am heading off to Hull straight after work, a lovely 4 and a half hour trek. I'll be faced with the usual dilemma. Do I catch the 7pm train that changes at Doncaster and is reminiscent of a Veal Calf Lorry, thus arriving about 10pm, or do I wait 40 more miutes and travel in relative comfort on the direct line and get there at 10:30pm? I usually wait to be honest but I did a similar thing last week going home to Wales and got chatting to someone in the station bar at Euston and missed the train anyway. Got home at Midnight. So, no Gin today!

The reason I am heading up is that Emi is in a play on Sunday, 'Our Day Out', it's a comedy. She plays a character who flirts with everybody, trust me this will require very little acting effort on her part, she is very adept in this particular department. Luckily someone had the brains to remember to sort me out a ticket to the play, as I'm no longer a member of the Union they need my address. By 'someone' I don't mean me obviously. Kirsty has averted the potential difficulty, so she gets a badge of some description. Maybe. At some point. If I remember.

I'm gutted actually, I only had one days holiday left to take and the Drama Society always run their shows Sunday through to Tuesday. Next week is their production of Dracula which the Rah is in and I really wanted to see both. Ideally I wanted to see the last show of each then I could have attended the after show parties, but unfortunately I've used all my holidays. Damnit! I blame the courts myself, they robbed me of 2 holiday days when they could have just given me my speeding conviction by mail. Gits. Ok, technically it's my fault for speeding in the first place but I try to not let facts and logic get in the way of my opinions wherever possible.

It's going to be an odd visit, Emi will be in rehearsal for most of it. All three of them - Hannah, Kirsty and Emi - have a lot of Uni work to do, so basically it looks like I will be left to my own devices. While this sucks for the most part, it may mean I have an opportunity to finish watching Hannahs season 1 of the West Wing. I'll also bugger off to the Gym tomorrow, thinking of doing some swimming. Imagine the cheek of it, not dropping everything and potentially failing their degrees in order to accomodate my visit! They clearly 'Don't Know Who I Am!'

In other news, it was the Birthday of Pedro Ramirez (International Latin Lover) yesterday. A national holiday has been declared in the tiny Republic of Testosteronia and there was a ticker tape parade in his home town of Hunkahunkaberrninlurrv. The week long festivities in his adopted North Wales began last evening with his close personal Aides John Shaw and Matt Lewis. They reportedly enjoyed an evening of fine local beverages and political discourse, ending with the great man himself entering a deep contemplative state on the throne of his Patriarch. There was a pre-celebration last Saturday as a warm up to the event proper, and it's been reported that Pedro was glad of the extra training.

All of us here at Rant-a-Matt would like to extend our best wishes on this great day. And ladies? Form an orderly queue, there's plenty of Pedro love to go around.

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