Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Still sick. Bah!

This is like the fifth day I've had off work sick in as many months. This sucks quite a lot, I need to get well enough to go back to work tomorrow otherwise I am going to go insane. You see, I hate being ill.

Now it's not because of the discomfort, it's not because of the various bizarre things that start being produced by your nose and mouth. It's not even the revelation that bones can actually ache that's the most despicable thing about being sick.

No. The worst thing about being ill? The fact that, suddenly, daytime television becomes watchable. I barely watch TV and yesterday I sat in front of nothing but low quality American sitcoms all day, this becomes even worse when your brain shuts down so much that you actually find the occasional joke funny. I watched Moonlighting. Remember Moonlighting? It had Cybil Shepherd and Bruce Willis in it and it was awful. It was crap when I was little and it's even worse now but I sat through a whole episode of it.

So I went to the Doctor and now have stronger drugs. I've got a good mind to take up some kind of high impact body exercise in order to teach me a lesson. That'll stop me from attacking me with rebellious Viruses in the future. Ha!

Why isn't the plural of Virus, Virii?

As I was writing this my new Motherboard arrived. I am taking this as a good Omen that means tomorrow I will be fighting fit. I have to go, Hope and Faith is on in 5 minutes. God Help Me.


Red Leader said...

Hi Matt, Red Leader here,

Thought I'd finally post on your blog seeing as we're all missing you terribly at work. It's so quiet without you but we are getting more work done though :)

Sorry to hear that your body rebelled so violently to the exercise you forced upon it. Phrases like "Big Girls Blouse" and "Wuss" are circulating round the office at the moment. Make sure you change your diet if you keep exercising, unfortunatley consuming beer wont help with your overall fitness but lifting cases of stella will (strange that).

Hope the computer setup goes well, if you struggle into work tomorrow, someone here can build it for you. If it doesnt work again, you can blame them. A win-win situation for you!

Its a worrying trend that all the members of the team have had injuries or ailments because of exercise. I think it may need to be banned soon as an unnecessary and dangerous activity.

Mark, Dave and my MG say hello.

Red Leader

(P.S, stop texting me at ungodly early hours of the morning, phone up later on and let me hear your ill voice, this will then be recorded and passed round the team for analysis and ridicule)

MattJ said...

To be fair my time off isnt strictly exercise related, it's your dodgy xenophobic southern germs infecting my honest welsh immune system.

Sorry about the texts, I figured that as you own a Rover you'd be up at 6am warming your slippers infront of the coal fire and smoking a morning pipe over a copy of the 'Daily Wail'.

Olivia said...

Just got out my Latin dictionary. Virus is defined as "slime; poison; saltiness."

The plural should be virii, just as the plural of index should be indices, and the plural of antenna should be antennae.

Did you ever see the clip from Alan Partridge in which he and a fellow Lexus-owner agreed that the plural of Lexus was Lexii?

MattJ said...

Olivia - you just re-endeared yourself to Mike. yes, we know that Alan Partridge sketch, we know it very very well in fact that was what the question was in reference too ;-). I did know the plurals of the other two, but checking, in english the plural does appear to be Viruses. I think I am going to start a campaign.

Having said that, does that mean that pus is the singular of Pi?

Olivia said...

Whew! Better re-endeared than not, I always say.

I blogged about my favourite comedians in early October and included links to my favourite clips from the Alan Partridge show. The Lexus sketch I entitled A Middle Class Moment. Because it was, painfully so!

Pus is the singular of pi...Use that as a campaign slogan?

M. said...
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M. said...

(Doh, sorry, had to remove previous comment because of spelling error.)

I revel in low quality American shows - not just sitcoms - period, when I'm sit. Court TV shows are especially interesting. They actually start to make sense when you're not thinking clearly.

But "Hope & Faith" is a new low. :D At least "Moonlighting" has nostalgic, 80s value.

Hope you feel better soon!


Delmonti said...

no no no no no..... Moonlighting is great..... and thats probably why you're so ill.

MattJ said...

Welcomoe to my blog buddy. Even if you are a sick little puppy!

Olivia said...

Heyyy, Merserene! *waves*

I started watching sitcoms at university, when I used to put on the TV to keep me company before my roomie would come in from work.
A group of us gathered in our room every Tuesday night just to watch Ally McBeal!

Now, I like Friends, Frasier, and Will & Grace.
If my mum knew this she would kill me.

MattJ said...

nothing wrong with Frasier, it's ace.

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