Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bird 'Man' Flu

I had a chicken Vindaloo on Monday. I had a chicken pie yesterday. Today I am in the icy grip of some foul disease. I'm just saying is all.

Maybe I should have asked if the chicken looked a bit under the weather before it was killed. Mind you, I imagine anything heading towards a big steel choppy thing isn't exactly going to be feeling tip-top. Hehe, tip-top is a great phrase.

So my computer doesn't work. You'll notice the lack of blogging on the subject, I decided against it as I quite like people reading my blog and none of you have been complaining of insomnia. Anyway, back to the point. It doesn't work. On the plus side it doesn't appear to be broken either. It makes all the right whirry noises, all the fans that I want to spin are spinning and the little lights go on and most importantly it makes a single happy little 'beep' when it boots up. A single beep is a good thing, more than one is generally not so good. I say that's most important, perhaps equally important is getting a picture on the monitor. This I have spectacularly failed to do. I have no idea why and neither, it appears, has anyone else. The most technical advice I have received is 'pull bits out and put them back in again'.

This appears to be a very basic and unsatisfactory instruction manual for sex more than anything else, but I will give it a go. With computer bits obviously, not my own. That would be wrong on several dozen levels.

Red Leader has bought one of these. Now it's very important that if you comment on it, you refer to it as a Rover 25. The resaons for this are threefold:

1) Red Leader insists that MGs are not Rovers despite them being built in the same plants as Rovers, using the same chassis and shells as Rovers and sold by the same people as Rovers. It's a Rover, spread the word and get everyone to call it a Rover. It may not seem like much but I will find it really funny, so go on do it for me!

2) It's a bloody Rover!

3) It's a Rover with a few bits of plastic and a fatter engine!

Ok, I am going to go back to work now. I may be able to blog later if I get my PC working. Otherwise I won't. I'm sorry, are your eyes OK? I think I just delivered a Blinding Flash of The Obvious.

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