Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Feeling decidedly Beige

I probably don't need to explain what this means because the word Beige immediately conjures images of banal adequacy to me, so I assume it does for everyone else. It's when nothing major is going wrong but nothing is going right either. Nothing is happening at all in fact. Beige is a crap colour, not because it's gaudy or clashes or anything else, it's because of it's overall quality as a non-colour.
It's the colour you paint your house when you want to sell it so that prospective buyers can easily imagine what colours they would paint the rooms. 'As soon as we get in we can get rid of that hideous beige colour!'. It's the colour of middle aged, middle class womens woolen sweaters, when they've reached that age where they've visited their 'little place' in Portugal so many times , their skin tone now matches most of their dreary wardrobe.

It's a Rover.

Ok, dreary Beige whinge over. Good though wasn't it? I'm quite impressed with the level of bitterness there.

The Doctor was suitably cursory today so getting her to say my shoulder is fine was a doddle! Go Me! This means I can join the Gym once she has signed the form. She was actually very nice and cheery, a quality I am not used to finding in GPs.

I think I'll report her, I'm sure it's against the rules.

They are, however, going to charge me for them to sign the bit of paper which says I am fine. I considered explaining to the receptionist my logical reasoning as to why this signature should not in fact cost me a tenner. Let's say I don't cough up and as a result cannot join said gym. I won't get my required exercise, continue in my Spiral of Beigeness thus becoming more ill more frequently and end up a massive financial burden on the NHS. If, however, they waive this small charge I will actually be saving the honest tax payer thousands of pounds in future medical costs.

I judged that my logic would be lost on the poor, harried girl. There were half a dozen people in the waiting room with a combined age of 863, she had enough troubles without my Ray of Morning Sunshine adding to them.

So now I have to wait a few days for this form to filter through to get signed, which means my gym membership has been put back again. I've booked in for Saturday afternoon, this gives me an opportunity to go to Epsom to buy some kind of jogging trousers or something. None of the sports shops have what I want though - it's all Chav wear or short shorts, trust me this would not be pretty. What I need is a Martial Arts supplier, the training trousers are really comfy and tough and are multi purpose. And they cover my knees, take my word for it that this is always a good thing.

So the PC? The Motherboard was collected yesterday, now I have to wait for them to test it and hopefully send me a replacement. I have my fingers crossed and plan to harrass them all week until I get an answer. The new game I bought in celebration of my new Geeky Graphical capabilities is sitting on the side, taunting me with it's Uberness.

This does appear to be a littany of wrongness doesn't it? hmmmmm. Oh! At least one fo the PC bits does work, I put it in the old machine for the time being so now I have access to TV. This in itself is a problem because I don't really watch TV, but it's handy for the few shows I do like when I remember to watch them. I am a bit crap with things like that, I signed up to Amazon rental then kept hold of one DVD for 3 weeks thus losing the full benefit of one months subscription. I think there is some kind of wiring problem in my brain that makes me forget even the most simple of tasks. On the plus side I have now sent the disk back and am looking forward to my delivery of Kung Fu Hustle, an awesome film. I urge you all to watch it, it's incredibly funny and ludicrous beyond belief.

OK, that's it for now. Thanks to Maria and Laura for shouting at me to update, nice to know there are people who read regularly and actually care if I update or not!


Olivia said...

I think it's been a beige year overall. I said to my mother the other day, I can't think of one person I know who is truly happy at the moment...
2005 sucks.

By the way, the word code I had to type here was "lviviao" which looks like a real mess of my name.

colormecynical said...

at least 2005 is nearly over. i tend to do better in even-numbered years.

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