Friday, November 18, 2005

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and leaky tyre."

********************GEEK PARAGRAPH!**********************

This aptly describes my recent PC building exercise, only replacing car components with 'Short circuits and burnt out motherboard'. Still, it works now so I am quite happy! And Half-life 2 is awesome beyond belief when played with decent graphics cards :-p

Now be thankful I only provided you with a link to the official site. I haven't posted screenshots, talked about the revolutionary physics engine, the innovative computerised muscle structures, lip-synching, virtual actors...............oh.....wait.....I'm doing it now aren't I? Sorry. I loved the original game when it came out around 8 years agao, it won 'Best game ever' from some very prestigious publications and 'Game of the Year from' all the others. This one did the same. I've waited about a year to buy it because I wanted to run it on a decent machine. They are very clever people at Valve. They employed professional actors and script writers long before other software companies realised that pretty graphics and zombies were not all that was needed to make a brilliant game.

********************/GEEK PARAGRAPH!**********************

[GeekEdit] Forgot to mention that I was badgered in work to name the new machine like women name their cars. His name is Trevor [/GeekEdit]

So I am off up to Wales this evening and, now I feel a lot better, I am not dreading the train journey quite as much as I was yesterday. I am due out with Pedr and I think Jonny Shaw tomorrow (not sure about the Shaw yet) which should be good fun. In the mean time I will be staying with Mike this evening. He is under strict instrcutions not to drink before I arrive at 10-ish. Last time I came to visit he had started a little before I arrived and....... Well lets just say it's lucky the back door was open.

What Pete doesn't know yet (though he will after reading this) is that we are going round to the parentals tomorrow evening for a little celebration. Now I have my degree result, average as it is, we are now free to open a bottle of Whiskey. The Whiskey in question was 12 years old when I bought it. A Bottle of Jamesons Irish Whiskey, Special Reserve. Only available from the distillery in Dublin. I bought it about 1 week before going to Uni and had a lable printed for it with my parents names on. The instruction was to open it on Graduation but that's not until January and is just a formality now. It's now 16 years old, and ready for a good hammering I think. Irish is so much nicer than Scotch. Don't even get me started on Bourbon. Blech!.

Oh. You may notice to me referring to Pedr, Peter, Pete, Pedro and Pedro Ramirez: International Latin Lover in my blog. These are all one and the same person, he's just too good for just one name lol! Sorry for any confusion.

So the weekend looks good right now, though I've left my expensive hair-clay stuff at the flat again. Damnit!.

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Olivia said...

So pick up some cheaper hair clay on the way out. I bet no one will be sober enough to notice.

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