Monday, November 21, 2005

Not letting 'The Man' get me down

Trevor the PC is poorly. This sucks, I went away for the weekend and came back and one of his Hard Drives appears to have shuffled off it's Mortal Coil. Not good for something that is less than a month old and has only been in use about 2 days. Having said that, provided the issue is only with the drive I am not too bothered. Particularly as yesterday was a bad day and this was just the foetid cherry atop the poo-cake.

The 4 hour journey from Wales took about 7 hours, for various reasons that I won't go into at this point, basically every train in the world was delayed or cancelled yesterday. I will probably write something about trains later, provided the venom holds out. Nobody died though, which was an achievement considering my Urge to Kill was quite high by the time I got to the flat. So, yeah, it all went a bit tricky yesterday but for the first time in ages I was able to just shout and swear a bit, then shrug it off and go about my business. I fiddled with the PC a bit then (whilst munching through a very unhealthy* chicken Kebab) said 'Sod it. I'll look at it tomorrow'. I plugged the old PC back in, put the TV whatsit inside and proceeded to relax.

I thinks it's probably because the night before was so good. Me, Jon and Pedr went out and had a great laugh, my brother was able to join us which was actually really good. Normally I am pretty harsh with the older brother, Martin. He gets on my nerves very easily through no fault of his own (well not that he can help anyway!), and I proceed to rip on him. Saturday though, we had a really good time and I was really glad he was able to make it out, we had a scream. Maybe I am mellowing in my old age. More likely it's because I was mindlessly drunk.

Ok, back to Hard drives. Talking about it at work reminded me of this story I read a few years ago. For those lazy arses amongst you it's about the use of the terms 'Master' and 'Slave' in computer hard drives. Non-techies, don't switch off! All you need to know is that if you have more than one Hard disk in your PC, one is the Master all others are Slaves. You don't need to know why, but trust me when I say these terms have always been used because they are very apt and descriptive of what goes on. Anyway, these sycophantic, headline grabbing media whores in LA decided it was offensive and 'requested' that suppliers use different words to describe the technology. Now I could understand it if it was a term used in a company to describe employees, or if they made special white Master drives that oppressed the other drives, but they don't. It's to do with which plug you put a jumper cable into that determines the behaviour of the drives. It's a term that is entirely descriptive of the way the technology works, it's not an attack on the emancipation proclomation (I can already read your comment Mike!).

It would appear that there were no suggestions as to what other terms could be used to replace the oppressive Master and Slave descriptions, so I came up with a few that could possibly put into use, I've arranged them into my top 5:

5) America and Britain Drives.
4) Bush and Blair Drives.
3) Dominatrix and Gimp Drives.
2) Batfink and Karate Drives.

And top of the pile?

1) Daddy and Bitch drive.

That would be great! 'I got no room on the Daddy for this game', 'That's Ok, use the Bitch'. Personally, I think some manufacturer should have done that. They should have used genuinely offensive and/or ridiculous labelling to highlight what an idiotic request this was.

*The kebab being unhealthy, rather than the chicken itself. though I can't be sure. I am hoping it had it's flu shots before being marinated, grilled, dowsed in chilli sauce and stuffed in a Pitta.


Olivia said...

Oh I remember Master and Slave drives and those annoying tangly connections!

Have you ever used a dongle???

How about:
1) Batman and Robin
2) Tarzan and Jane
3) oops ran out...

MattJ said...

I have uised a dongle yes, i am currently considering a blue-tooth dongle so I can use my Phone as a remote control for my PC :p. lazy sack that i am!

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