Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Back from the Promised Land

Well I am returned from Hull after another good weekend, I think I just like going to parties looking like a pimp because I am with at least two hot women at any one time. This isn't bragging it just happens that the two people I hang round with most when I go to Hull are my friends Hannah and Emi, who just so happen to be Uber-fit hotties. You can imagine the confused looks when people see me with them. Gets even better when Kirsty has time out from work to join us, I look like a proper playboy then!

So yeah, selfish ego boost but what are you going to do eh?

Had to go to the Magistrates Court yesterday to receive sentence on my speeding offence. I got caught speeding on the Motorway on when I moved down here properly in July, I was going through a temporary speed limit and rather than paying attention to road signs I just follwed the traffic. Anyway, point is I broke the law and didn't have a legitimate excuse for it. I also got caught on camera so I got points for that too, as you can see this was a very good day. So, my first ever driving offence in like 11 years. So I go to court and they disqualified me from driving for 7 weeks and landed me with a fine. Sad thing is, if I had grovelled and lied they would have been more lenient, but because I said 'I'm sorry, I have reasons but nothing that excuses my breaking the law' they kicked me squah in the nuts. That's what comes of having the untrained Middle Classes in positions of minor power I guess.

Bothered not a jot though because I got home and was greeted with three despatch notes telling me my computer bits are arriving today, so I'm very happy at the moment. This euphoria will last until I break something shiny and expensive, watch this space. The entertainment involved in blogging the PC build has been scuppered due to the non-purchase of Lego men. Sorry.

Ok, I was going to write another bit here but will do it in a new post.

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