Thursday, November 24, 2005

Christmas Parties and Abject Incompetence

We have our Graduate employees Christmas Party arranged, it's on the 10th of December. Moulin Rouge is the theme apparently. The Project Christmas Bash is planned for the 20th of December, local Italian place looks lovely. Should be a really good night, free beer and food all night! Huzzah!

So why the Title? Our company has several divisions. I won't tell you which particular world of rock 'n' roll IT that I work in, I kind of need you to stay with me until the end here. Take some Pro-Plus, it'll help. OK, so when I was being recruited I asked 'What are the christmas parties like?' and I was told they were suitably awesome. So I've been waiting eagerly for our divisional date to come through. I've been watching the other divisions being announced, and they look pretty damned sweet.

So what about us? Well the major offices of our division in the rest of the country are having theirs around the same time, the 13th I believe. About the same time as everyone else in the World. 'So When is yours Matt?'. That's a good question, I'm glad I asked it.

Many companies have their Christmas dinners after Christmas, in January. Sometimes this is for a practical reason, more often it is short sighted Fiscal policy designed to pad out profits by not burdening the accounts with the cost of a big expensive party. That's what a cynic would say. Luckily for us, our Divisional decision makers wouldn't dream of holding a Christmas Party in January! I mean, that's just cheap. It's not Christmas in January is it? So why have the Christmas party then? Exactly Matt. They are to be praised for not holding the Christmas Party at such a lame time.


Just let that sink in and get back to me OK?

Management is natures way of removing Morons from the Productive process


Olivia said...'s never going to sink in...

Mike said...

This sounds suspiciously like an attempt to get out of a potential future night-out by someone in your department. If it happens to fall on February 14th, you can almost guarantee that there's a selfish sod looking forward to telling his/her partner "Sorry love, I had to cancel our Valentine's break because it's the office party then and the boss said I have to go. And no, you're not invited."

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