Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Creationists, proof that Evolution has a lot of work to do....

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if they are an idiot". Wise words.

I have no objection to grown men and women believing in Creationism. I do object to them inflicting such fairy tales on impressionable young minds as fact.

"I believe God created me in one day!"......"Yup, looks like he rushed it" - Bill Hicks

I think someone should start a petition to get Hansel and Grettel taught in History class. Or maybe 'Ancient Egypt: How the Pyramids were built by UFO's'. That's a good one. Basically what these barely simian, sub-literate, fanatically obsessed, 'It's in this book so it must be true!' retards are saying is this:
"We have no way of proving our version of events, but luckily it is so ludicrous that no one can disprove it either! So what we propose is that we debunk the work of someone far more worthwhile than ourselves in order to make our children stupid, just so that they fit nicely into our ideology"

Maybe Darwins theory isn't complete but at least there is substantial evidence to support it. The barely more than 1% genetic difference between Humans and Apes for instance?

No doubt one argument these people will use is 'Where's the missing link?'. I suggest you look in the mirror.

I don't mean any offence to real Christians, I know I always labour this point but it is an important one. It's the difference between a Muslim and those that blow themselves up, they aren't Muslims no matter how many times they read the Koran. Equally these reactionary fossils have no place in modern society.

What makes this even more infuriating is that the parents don't want their kids taught this garbage, the teachers don't want to spout it and all the respected experts involved speak of its folly in the strongest possible terms. So why are these untrained, unknowledgable chimps (sorry, Creations in The Image Of Our Lord) left in charge of these kids education?

[Edit] Sod it! Just realised that this is my 100th post! Damned Reich Wing Christians (Thanks for that one Jo) ruining my 100th post celebrations! Fear Not, I will treat it like the Millenium, i.e it doesn't start until 101. I'll do a celebration post of the beginning of my second century, how's that?[/Edit]


MJ said...

ok...funny thing....I am taking a molecular biology class this semester, and there is a girl who is absolutely and completely crazy...she is always arguing with the professor about the stupidest things...overall she is one of the most annoying people i have ever met...but…That is kind of besides the point...the point is that at the end of our last lecture the professor made a comment about the Kansas subject and asked our opinion of course, this extremely verbal, annoying girl said it was course the professor gave her a look are getting an F in this class for being a retard...and everyone just laughed...but the point is... how can someone who is clearly studying something related to the biological sciences can contemplate the possibility of evolution not being the only true explanation to our existence...
Even worst...even if you believe it, you don’t admit to it in the middle of a class about genetics, in which everyday we touch the subject about the human genome compared to other species!

M. said...

Sheepishly I admit that once, I compared belief in something unprovable with belief in the Tooth Fairy. That offended some people and I've never used that since.

I don't even mind if parents want to teach children about Creationism, but I think that comes part and parcel with parenting and not with a public school education. I would even go as far as to suggest that people who want to live in religious states should move to the Middle East or Israel and leave the US alone. Here in the US the church and state ARE supposed to be separate, for goodness sakes.


p.s. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog!

Mike said...

I'm glad to see that Creationist viewpoints are finally being recognised as valid. This obviously means that soon this "higher power" will get bored and make some new animals and stuff; after all, the ones we've already got are pretty tedious (why else would we make them extinct)?

I look forward to the day that I open my bedroom curtains and gaze down upon some brand new creation that this "higher power" has cobbled together overnight. I mean, if as some sources would have us believe, higher powers can make a world in a few days, surely they can bulid some sort of cow/squirrel cross for our amusement in a single evening?

Talk about resting on your laurels! Get off your idle butt, "higher power" and give us some new species to endanger! NOW!

Mike said...

In fact, we need to start a petition so that this "higher power" knows what we on earth would like to see created next! My personal preference is for a cow-squirrel hybrid, although I am not sure exactly which elements of each creature I'd like to see incorporated in the final design. Naturally, our "higher power" can knock a few together in a few minutes, and whichever is the best, we'll keep. Then I'll use the process of "natural selection" to pick the one I think is the funniest. I'm already thinking that I'd like my new hybrid to be friendly to Red Squirrels but dead aggressive to Grey Squirrels to redress the imbalance in our squirrel population. Of course, if the "higher power" hadn't done such a shoddy job and had bothered to take into account that Red Squirrels and Grey ones might meet one day and fight he'd have made Red Squirrels a bit harder. He must have been having an off day or something.

So come on "higher power"! Let's see what wonders you can create! We've created Instant Coffee and Instant Mash, see if you can do any beter with Instant Squirrel/Cow hybrids!

MattJ said...

Quiet! Before iTV create 'Creature Idol!'.

Your Cow/Squirrel Hybrid Idea is an interesting one, though I fear the Grey squirrels may out run them. Personally I am in favour of some kind of Lycanthropic creature. You know? Like a Chihuahua that transforms into some slavering beast whenever it hears the word 'Diddums' or somehting similar and proceeds to rend and devour it's stupid owner. This has the added bonus of ensuring the extermination of Paris Hilton.

Come on God! you've got two diamon suggestions now! You don't even have to do your own thinking! Bring on the Squows and Chew-ow-aaarghs! and chuck in some flying monkeys whiel you're at it!

Mike said...

Hmm, Squows "too slow" eh? Well, our "creator" can chuck in a few samples mixed with some big cats, granting them the Speed of the Puma/Pooooma. I mean, what we don't like we can bin, like we did with the Dodo.

My only real concern is that surely this "higher power" would have created some more groovy stuff by now if he/she/it (don't want to offend anyone here) were still up to creating? Perhaps this "higher power" just can't be bothered? Perhaps it is going through a Beige period too? If that's the case, then a Squow is just the sort of project it needs to lift it out of the dolldrums!

Of course, it's possible that there is another reason that this "higher power" hasn't done any creating for a while. I've heard rumours that it may in fact be dead, but most insist that it is merely resting.

MattJ said...

A MooSquooma eh? Interesting. I agree on your general principles, If the animal is crap we can always wipe it off the face of the earth. I think there may be another option for the higher powers inactivity, perhaps they are still revelling in the Genius of the Duck Billed Platypus? If this is indeed the case - Stop living in the past and reliving past glories and try and recapture those heady days when you were so inspired!

Cre8ivmind said...

For the squirrel/cow hybrid, the father would have to be the squirrel, and the mother should be the cow. LOL

Antonio said...

Gentlemen I invite you all to convert to the only religion that should be taught in science classes.


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