Monday, November 21, 2005

Suspicious bodily activity

I think my body is taking the stealth approach to foiling my exercise plans after having its all out assault defeated last week. Allow me to explain my theory. I did pretty much the same routine as last week only I used the cross trainer (see? i can take advice) and rowing machine for my cardio with a bit of biking on top. I did the weights machines and stuff and the sit ups on the squishy ball. Then I went about my business with stretches, in order to reduce the agony I will be in tomorrow. Now this is where my body started being sneaky, I was doing one of the stretches and I felt something pop around the side of my back. Now it doesn't hurt, but I have a feeling this is something that's going to tomorrow. Devious git that it is.

The social life has prevented me from joining Yoga on Wednesday, which is disappointing but I have made a promise that I don't really want to get out of. Some friends from University have a gig near Dorking and I promised to go, I was only reminded today.

I should apologise for banging on about the gym for those of you that really don't care, I plan on mentioning it a lot but banging on about it less, if you know what I mean? Basically, it's a defence mechanism. If I stop mentioning it for any period of time, you know I have let it slip and can start shouting at me. That's the theory.

OK Something non-gym related. I got an email today from our IT support people. I should explain. Some of the IT support for the IT in the IT company I work for is outsourced to another IT company. Good eh? So I have had one or two issues, I'm not entirely sure which bits were outsourced and which bits weren't, either way we've had less than successful dealings with these people. So I get this email which says something like 'You've recently had a call resolved with us, please take our satisfaction suvey'. Cheeky bastards.

Basically what they are saying is 'We send you this email when we do something right, that way we can look really good in front of our bosses'. I used to hate surveys of this nature. That's before I met my current quality manager, he has an excellent method of filling out these meaningless pieces of crap. He waits. Then he waits some more. Then one day he will get really annoyed with something, someone will have got on his nerves or someone will have cocked something up. Something will rile him. That's when it is time to fill out satisfaction surveys, it protects the innocent from the resulting venting of vitriol and you've made a valued contribution (sic).

Everyone needs a role model.


MJ said...

I was having some computer problems as well... someone should have told me that coffee wasn't good for the computer... apparently it i had to buy a new course i bought it in e-bay for 25 dollars...but its filthy and disgusting and i am afraid of gettin anthrax or some other weird disease just by typing this post...but i had to tell you i am back because i am sure you have missed me a lot

Olivia said...

mj - yucky!

If you stop going to the gym I will probably be the first one to yell at you.

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