Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I have no idea what this is. Apparently it's a stretchy thing like Yoga and there is a class on Thursday, so maybe I will go to that as I have to miss the Yoga thing. I am quite keen on it, apparently it develops Lean Muscles. This sounds very good to me.

Or maybe I just like the word because it is only one letter away from Pirates.


lunaliar said...


You'll love Pilates. It's more energy involved than Yoga, but it's fun too, as it is inline with poses and such. It's more bent on muscle control than it is on serenity and breathing.

Olivia said...

Yes yes, do pilates. One or the other, all the same except one uses balls and bands.

Lunar - hang on a minute! Pilates is based on yoga, and the yoga I'm at is all about muscle control, holding it longer each time. You have to breathe the same way in Pilates too so there. :P

BTW, before you try it, Matt, you should know it doesn't rhyme with pirates. It's pe-lah-tays.

M. said...

Heehee. Pilates is developed by a guy named Pilates, and the goal is to achieve maximum benefit with minimal movements. As a result, I find it somewhat harder and less relaxing than yoga. It can be downright stressful and ache-y if you have a bad teacher.

Let us know how you like the class.

M. said...

That was me, BTW.

- merserene

Paddy Duncan said...

I think becoming a pirate would be a better idea. You'd get a lot of excercise while you were roaming the seven seas. You'd also get to wear an eyepatch and grow a beard (all good points in my opinion)

Olivia said...

Mers - you're right, Pilates is harder; the machines demand more out of you. I'm not sure I liked it, but from an athletic point of view, I can definitely see it as a natural progression from yoga.

I wanted to make sure everyone knew that yoga isn't always about chanting "om" and sitting in the lotus position.

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