Saturday, January 03, 2009

Saturday Night, it's the night for...

Sitting in the office apparently. Ho-hum!

On the plus side this should become more of a rarity this year and I'm not actually that bothered, I'm getting paid to do even less than usual and I only live a 5 minute drive from the office. Also it means that I got to abandon the cleaning at the 'My flat is no longer a biohazard' stage.

Piss. I just remembered that I forgot to defrost mince for chili makings later! pah!

Hey, what is it with supermarket mince? It lasts about 40 seconds before turning all manky and brown. Seriously, there are no butchers where I live, the closest being about 3 miles away. Unfortunately the town where this magical shop is also has streets about 4" wide and no parking unless you have the royal fucking seal branded on your forehead. I like walking places, but finding the time and the inclination to walk for about an hour to arrive at a shop run by 'Mr Surly & Son, Family Butchers - "Take your mince and fuck off"' doesn't fill me with glee.

Next week I have Saturday off so will have another mooch but those people look at you like you've got a swastika tattooed on your head when you go in their shop.

I know I'm a bad man for buying supermarket meats but it's what I have access to where I live so it's what I have to live with.

I have a cold, so tomorrow I will make a 'Chili of Uber Doom-laden facemeltingness'. I will essentially be foregoing my usual consideration for flavour and going for the 'Oh MY GOD it's so hot I can see through time' approach to culinary perfection. It's what I like to call a 'Number 1 Chili'. This describes the number of dimensions you can ascribe to its flavour, the number of thoughts that remain in your head after eating it ("AIIEEEEEEEE!") and the number of layers of skin remaining on your tongue.

I normally like spicy food but not stupidly spicy, virtually no flavour food but when I have a cold I prefer the discomfort of eating magma to the annoying and unreachable tickles and scrapes such a pathetic illness delivers.

OK, now it’s apparently time for me to do my stuff here at the home of indentured servitude - maybe more later ;)

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the projectivist said...

oh i love that scale you use for measuring the hotness levels of chili!

supermarkets obviously add something to their meat so that within a certain amount of time (say, a day) you think it's gone off and then go and purchase more in a never-ending cycle. genius.

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