Wednesday, January 07, 2009

We meet at last........

I've blogged before about how I find it difficult to rouse myself to get interested in furniture, instead I have a tendency to buy toys and gadgets - much to the discomfort and chagrin of unfortunate visitors to my flat.

Thanks to a link I saw on theprojectivist's blog, I have finally met my match at

Called 'The Villain Chair', this is awesomeness in furniture format. I'd have to have a house for it to work properly, and I would need 2 of them. One for my command centre (front room) and one for the hallway right by the front door.

Every morning I would open the door, spin around slowly in the chair and say 'I've been expecting you' to the postman.

So 2 Villain Chairs. A bargain at £9,0000


the projectivist said...


i would dress only in the best silky knickers and suspenders combo whilst sitting in my Villain Chair.

i'd have my minions bring me delectable little hors d'oeuvres and champagne and if they didn't do it quick enough - i'd spank them with my riding crop.

but i would only let the power go to my head a little.

oh to hell with that!

MattJ said...

An hors d'oevres is nothing but a pie that never was.

I'll spend my time evenly split between annoying public servants and ensuring Hover & Squow technologies are researched so that I can achieve world domination.

Olivia said...

All you need now is a naked cat.

Or I could grow a unibrow and stand behind your chair. *shudder* No, scratch that one. Stick with the bald cat.

Jo said...


Maybe you could make a robot out of your toaster and coffee maker? Maybe even an evil robot?

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