Monday, January 05, 2009

Doctor Who????!

OK I know I'm old, but seriously. They've got a 12 year old with the same haircut as the guy from Flock of Seagulls as the new Doctor. Fucktards.


the projectivist said...

AND he needs a good feed.

maybe they're doing that thing that George Lucas did with Star Wars?
you know, going back to The Very Beginning in order to draw out the saga even longer?

Olivia said...

Oh, disgusting! I will really miss David Tennant. We're still one season behind here, and I was looking forward to the next one, but now I don't. Who the heck is he? Such a dork.

MattJ said...

proj - I think they are indeed doing what Lucas did with Star Wars by taking something beautiful and genius and making it utterly shit. Especially if the rumours are true and Lilly Allen is being considered as the side kick.

Livvy - Don't worry, Doctor Who and The Curse of Teen Acne isn't due until 2010, 09 is going to have 4 specials starring Tennant beofre handing over to Tiny Tim for the new season.

Jo said...


Olivia said...

Oh and Lily Allen too? Yuck! They are turning Doctor Who into a teenage farce.

Is Russell Davies still around? Surely he would not let this happen!

MattJ said...

Ruseell handed the reins over to hsi assistant and isn't involved post-tennant. He claims to be very jealous because the choice is so wonderful, which is evidently bullshit.

Whoever has taken over obviously has balls the size of chickpeas and just folded to whatever jumped up public schoolboy is occupying 'Head of Light Enterntainment' these days wished.

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