Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Dallas Mystery Unfolds

OK, so after my inebriation of last Friday I have pieced together why I seemed to have agreed to go to Dallas. It's all very simple.

Stu announced he would be spending upwards of 6 weeks there this year as a result of work. It was at this point I think mentioned I wasn't going abroad this year.

He then chose to reveal that when he travels to Dallas for work, he gets given a suite and if I wanted I could go out and occupy the spare room for the duration of my visit. Not much of a mystery I'm afraid, I was kind of hoping I'd bumped into a rich heiress and we were having some kind of assignation.

Apparently there is a bar that has a gazillion beers on tap and if you have one of each in a single sitting, you win some kind of prize....


Jo said...


The bar you refer to is on this strip of bars. It's called Stan's Blue Note. It was a big hangout for Dave and I when we were serious boozeaholics.

I love my word verification: splaing.

MattJ said...

Apparently it is a definite possibility. It all depends on when Stu goes out there, how much notice I get and whether or not work give me the monies they have promised me!

I'm still piecing together the details, it was a long night:

So. what are the chances of Dave and Jo reliving the boozeaholic stage for one night only? :D

MattJ said...

And what's the prize? Contribution towards the funeral costs or a new liver?

Jo said...

We could be coaxed into a night reliving our boozeaholic era.

The prize is rather disenchanting, really. It's a Tee shirt that says you drank every beer Stan's has and you survived it.

Olivia said...

Bleurgh. I don't like the stuff, but drink one for me when you meet up!

MattJ said...

If I do, I will! Still in the agreeing to do something whilst drunk stage right now!

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